Tuesday, October 16, 2012


*If you try the carpet cleaner I posted about here, make sure you don't put too much hydrogen peroxide in the solution. I ended up bleaching my living room carpet just a tad and I'm sure it is because I put a tad too much in. I made one batch and used it for the stain I showed and it didn't bleach the carpet at all. Then I made a second batch later and it bleached the carpet. My sister and brother-in-law didn't even notice so I think Russ and I are the only ones that see it.

*I am going to have to find a new dishwashing detergent recipe. The one I had been using (you can find the recipe here) is not liked by the dishwasher in this house. It is leaving a bad film on everything. I have tried rinse aids and they aren't doing anything. I am so sad. The detergent worked great in the last dishwasher we had so I'm not sure what the problem is.

*I received an interesting comment about the nails I used for my String Art a few days back. The comment said that I used screws and not nails. Well, apparently, my husband and dad thought the same thing. I assure you I am not that stupid. I wanted white nails so I used paneling nails and the extreme close-up showed the ridges in the nails.

And that's all she wrote, folks!


Kriss said...

Lisa I hope you don't think my comment was meant in any way to be unkind or to think you are stupid. Not at all!!!! I just thought that the "screw like" appearance made the wood split. Sorry if I offended you. :( -Kriss

Angie said...

Your such a Do It Yourselfer! I wish I could be like that

Lisa said...

Kriss, no biggie. I think you are probably right about the ridges in the nails making the wood split. I also think it was do to the fact that Oklahoma has a very straight, long northern border and all those nails lined up in a row were just not good for the cheap wood. The only one that split was Oklahoma.