Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Children's Orchard

I have to admit: I'm kind of a clothes snob.

Not in an expense way.

In a "I don't really want used or hand-me-down clothing unless I know who and where it came from" way.

Until a couple of weeks ago when I discovered the wonders of The Children's Orchard.

If you are anything like we are and are on a strict budget, The Children's Orchard is great! They are super duper picky about what they buy (at least the one close to me is) and everything is in good shape. Also, they usually have strollers and infant swings. When I went in, they even had an electric kid car priced at $65.00. It was in great condition and they usually retail around $200 and up.

Also, Chloe Jo grows so fast that I can't get clothing for her before the season because I never can predict what size she is going to be in. That puts a strain on the wallet because I have to get everything around the same time.

Okay, I know you guys are probably tired of my babbling on about the store so here are the clothes I have purchased for Chloe Jo so far!

2 jumpers in excellent condition. The shirts I did get at the wall-to-wall mart. I love the jumper on the left. It looks very much like a line Gymboree had last fall with the buttons that I loved.
 3 complete outfits. The one on the left was priced at $10, but the ruffles on the pants had snagged so the lady gave it to me for $5. I fixed it right up in about 2 seconds! The other two outfits are size 6 for the winter.

I was thrilled to find this set in a size 6 for the winter! It was priced at $6 and is in near perfect condition. The only thing I could find wrong with it is the snowman have started pilling, but you can remove the pills very easily.

These two dresses aren't anything special. Chloe Jo loves to wear them, though. Again, they are in excellent condition! When I put the purple one on Chloe Jo for the first time she said, "OH! I love it! It's like jammies!" Bahahaha! Love kids!

This is the piece de resistance. I bought this for $10! It looks brand new! Chloe Jo was soooo excited about this dress. I let her put it on to show Daddy and she wore it for 20 minutes and never stopped twirling. Such a priss!

And here she is on Sunday morning looking like a beautiful princess!

Love The Children's Orchard! They are all over so if you are looking for fall clothes and don't mind used, go check it out!


April said...

All of those are so cute! I buy lots of Jonah's stuff used but I do like knowing who they come from rather than not knowing. I love the two jumpers!! If I had a girl I would go crazy with the jumpers, I am sure.

Wes and Kendall said...

You need to go to a Just Between Friends sale! They have great deals and a wide variety of clothes to choose from, plus toys, furniture, books, etc. Here's a link to the Bixby/BA sale coming up next weekend... I may go if you want to...


Chelley N said...

I love both of those jumpers! I've been in there once, but I think I'll have to go back! I have a boy child who is lacking in the clothes department due to excessive growth :-).

Christina said...

We have one of those sales twice a year where everyone can sell their stuff. I just did one this week and made a ton of money and bought a ton of clothes for Annika for next year. I buy almost all of our clothes second hand to save money, as long as I can wash it I don't care where it came from :-)

Angie said...

We don't have one of those stores nearby but I do love to thrift shop. Sometimes it takes some searching but you can find some great deals. Love Chloe Jo's additions to her wardrobe. She looks beautiful in that dress, like a princess!