Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3 1/2

I still can't hardly believe Chloe Jo turned 3 1/2 on the 10th!

How can that be?!?

So what has Chloe Jo be up to?

*In the last few weeks her speech has improved tremendously. We are planning to start her in Preschool next August and I thought I would have to, for sure, put her in speech therapy. I knew she was behind on her pronunciation of things and I couldn't understand a lot of what she says. Just in the last few weeks she has started saying words correctly and I am amazed at how fast it has happened (although I shouldn't be...she is very extreme with all of her development). Instead of saying "Brenis" she is saying "Brenson" now. Her "dabee" has changed to a very understandable "Thank you". There are several other words, but those were the two most exciting.

*Chloe Jo has started trying to dress herself. She has never been interested in this before, but she has finally started trying. She can get her shirt, panties and pants on by herself (she needs help with buttons on jeans). She can get her socks on, but I have to straighten them out for her, and she puts on her own shoes.

*We have started working on memorizing Bible verses. I made a chore chart for her and that is one of the things on the chart.

*She loves to paint. We went with a friend who has twins just a bit older than Chloe Jo to paint pottery on Monday and she had a great time. She has also painted at home a lot lately.

*Chloe Jo has started to tell me the names of shapes lately. I tried to work with her on this for a long time and I finally gave up. The little stinker really does learn what I teach her. She just doesn't like showing me until she is ready.

*She is obsessed with going to Wal-Mart. The other day she got on to me for eating "her" marshmallows and told me to put it on the list and that we were going to Wal-Mart. HA!

*She loves to tell me that "you look beautiful". Mer. Warms my heart.

*She also loves to tell me that "you're my best friend."

Now for her stats:

Chloe Jo broke 40 inches recently. She is now 40 1/2 inches tall and in the 90th percentile for height.

She weighs 34 1/2 pounds and is in the 75th percentile. I'm really surprised by this because she is a very skinny child. I guess her height covers up her weight. She has been eating like a horse lately so I'm pretty sure a growth spurt is on the horizon.

And just for funsies, here is the Sweetie Pie on Monday before we went to paint pottery. She wanted to wear all of her butterfly clippies so I put them in her hair and pulled her hair back in a ponytail. I thought it was so cute!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


Christina said...

What a cutie!! And she is very tall, Annika weighs the same but is only around 35 inches tall.

Chelley N said...

Her hair is adorable like that! But, I will say that it makes her look older. . . lots older :-(.