Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kiev, Ukraine journal - 11-19-94 and 11-20-94

*Disclaimer: Please remember that I wrote these when I was 12! I could be a snarky brat! I also am typing these journals exactly as I wrote them, bad spelling and all, except I have abbreviated names to protect the innocent or not-so-innocent.


We went sight seeing today. We saw a statue of a guy hailing a taxi while two other guys were carrying a fridgerater. We saw the second biggest square in the world too. It had a statue of Lenin on one end. He was standing so that it looked like he wanted to shake your hand. We told Bogdon to get up there and shake it. He said okay. We told him no though. At dinner we were changing peoples names around and Bogdons is Nodgob. Mom accidently called him Dogbon. It sounded like dog bone. It was really funny.


Today we went to the Church in Harcoff. It was really different. Bogdon (Dogbon) was dads transulater. When they were taking the collection they passed around a pink grocerie-bag instead of a basket or plate. It was really unusual. We went to see a new apartment they bought before we left to ride the train back to Keiv. It was really nice. They are going to tile the walls in the kitchen. It used to be a dentist office and it had a pair of false teeth on a table. We boarded the train and we stayed up and played cards until we wanted to go to bed.

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