Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Shabby Chic Baby Shower

My sister's bestie, Kendall, is due to have twin girls in November. My sister and her other besties all decided to throw Kendall a baby shower. Kendall loves shabby chic decor so they decided to do a shabby chic tea party for the shower theme.

My sister is very busy so she recruited me to help her with the decorations. We got together a few times and I helped with what I could. In the process I learned how to make several different kinds of fabric flowers! I'm always up for learning a new craft!

I have to admit that shabby chic is not my favorite, but the more I made flowers and helped with other party decor, the more I liked it!

These are some of the fabric flowers we made. I have no idea what the final tally of flowers was, but it was a ton! These flowers were made for corsages for the mom-to-be and her family.

I also helped with this wreath. I. LOVE. IT.

I have been thinking that I need to make one for me. Except without the "baby love." Maybe "Welcome" or our last name.

I don't have any more pictures from the actual shower, but it turned out beautiful and the shabby chic tea party theme was lovely and terrific!


April said...

So cute! I love Shabby chic stuff but I have not made much. Good job!

Ashley said...

Oh my word - love the wreath! Tutorial??! ;)