Sunday, July 31, 2011

Music Monday

This week for Music Monday we are going to go back in time to the year I was born. That would be 1982. I love 80's power ballads! I picked this particular video (there wasn't an actual music video for this song) because of Richard Gere in a white uniform. Um...yum.

Up Where We Belong - Joe Crocker and Jennifer Warnes
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mish Mash

*I have a few things today so I'm doing a Mish Mash post...I think I usually call it something else, but whatev.

*My blogger has been messed up for the past several days. The upload picture button has not been working. I click it and it does nothing. I use Google Chrome most of the time, but I also have Internet Explorer on my computer. So I opened my blog on IE and the upload picture button works. I would rather use GC than IE. I tried to report the problem, but can't seem to find a place to do that. I see the message boards and the help center, but no where for me to report it. Help?

*I saw the video of how to curl my hair without heat here. It's a pretty long video but I was completely intrigued and she made it look so easy. Unfortunately, the hair band I used must have something in it that I'm allergic to. Do you see the red line across my forhead in this picture? It's still there. I took the headband out on Wednesday morning! It is tender and itches. Ugh! I hope it goes away soon!
*We finally got to see Uncle Chris! He decided to surprise us and come on down Wednesday evening to go eat and to Bible class with us! We were thrilled! We weren't expecting him until Thursday but he wanted to get home so he came early. He brought Chloe Jo a few things from her Granny Tiger and Pappy and her G-Jo and Grampy. Granny Tiger and Pappy sent her a Backpack from Dora the Explorer and a Dora doll that sings and dances. Grampy and G-Jo sent her this tent!
Isn't it super cute and fun! She loves it and it now has a pillow, a couple of blankets and a stack of books inside. I have a cute picture on my cell phone of her praying in her tent castle. Awwww. Her cousin, Brianna, got one too!
*Chloe Jo loves to go check the mail with me. I have to lift her up so she can reach the mailbox, but she will open it and grab whatever is in it and take it into the house. Today, before nap time, she asked to pray for the mailman.

*One last thing. Chloe Jo has started singing some lately. She won't say words, but she will sit in her carseat and babble along with songs. She will sing the long notes when we sing during church services. She loves it when we sing in Bible class especially if we are singing an action song. Here are a couple of action songs that she loves. Roll the Gospel Chariot is her favorite song right now.

*I hope you are all having a great start to the weekend!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

We gave Russ an ego boost.

I love being a wife and I love doing things for my hubby. I'm always keeping my eyes out for something fun to do to surprise him. The other day I came across a website {read: someone had it linked on their blog} of a company that tries to "encourage marriage relationships, communicate a positive image of marriage and honor the sanctity of the marriage covenant." After perusing their site for a while, I thought that their t-shirts would be a great thing to surprise Russ with. There were two problems I had with this: {1} I didn't want to pay that much for a single t-shirt and {2} I didn't want to wait for it to ship. So, of course, I decided to make one for myself. And then I decided to make one for Chloe Jo. I think they are so cute! Cheesy? Definitely. But cute nonetheless.
So Chloe Jo and I put them on while Russ was at work and when he came home we surprised him with them.

I think his ego grew and he walked around a little straighter the rest of the day. Mission accomplished.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's that time again!

Another Wednesday!

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I'm loving our family pictures that we had taken last week! I love it when I can change out old pictures for new in all of the frames around the house. So refreshing!

I'm loving that Chloe Jo has been an extra good helper lately! She loves to help me make the bed every morning and lately she has been doing such a good job with it! She also loves to put dirty dishes in the sink and help me gather up all the trashcans around the house to take out. And she is super polite about everything. Alwys says 'Please' and 'thank you.'

I'm loving that I finally dragged all of my scrapbooking stuff out last week to get started on catching up. I've only done three pages because, lets face it, being about 7 years behind is a little daunting. But I'm going to do it I tell you!
I'm loving that when I got my scrapbooking stuff out, Chloe Jo thought she had to do a little crafting herself. So cute!

I'm loving that we are going to see Uncle Chris tomorrow! Uncle Chris (Chloe's uncle, my brother-in-law) lives in Oklahoma, but works some out on the east coast so we have been able to see him a few times since we moved out here. We were supposed to get together with him yesterday, but his flight was delayed, followed by yet another delayed flight so we weren't able to do it. But the fun thing about it is that he is going to come to our town! We usually meet him halfway or in the city he flies into so this is a real treat for us!

I'm loving curls! I found a video the other day of how to curl your hair without heat and I tried it. I think it turned out really cute! Though, I wouldn't want to do it every day.

I'm loving fried squash. I haven't ever made it until yesterday and it was yummy!

I'm loving Little People! I found this set yesterday for sale and bought it for Chloe Jo. Aren't they cute!?!?

And as always I'm loving my family! CJ has been so fun lately {minus all the 2 year old tantrums}! And just so you don't think I hate my husband, I love him, too! I never am able to get a quick pic of him, though, because he always goes to work before I get up on Wednesdays.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yearbook Yourself!

Did that title make anyone else cringe? Ugh. Bright makeup. Neon spandex. Jem dolls. I think the only good thing that came out of the 80's Just kidding. My sis and hubby are both pretty cool, too. And Cabbage Patch Dolls, of course. Ok, moving on!

So Russ found this site the other day and proceeded to create a few fun pictures. I know this site has been going around Facebook and the blog world for a while now. I just never got on that band wagon, but I'm glad Russ did! I love the pictures he created!

This is me back in my hayday. During the Thriller era. Totally stoked, dude!
And here is Russ thinking he is rad. Poor guy. He's always been a nerd and he doesn't realize it.

And this last one...I can only say one thing: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

{Russ, Russ' brother, Jeremy, and my sister's hubby, Chris}

BAHAHA!.....Can't......breathe.......crying.....I' think I'm okay now.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Music Monday

For this week's Music Monday I want to share one of my current favorite's with you:

Love the music. Love her voice. Love the video.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

So I've been a total slacker this year and haven't taken Chloe Jo to get her 2 year old pictures yet. {I know!} We also haven't had family pictures done since last June. {Ugh! I know!} It was high time I get my act together and get this done. I'm so afraid of looking back in 20 years and saying to myself, "Self! Why did you slack on pictures!?!?!?" So today I drug out what little makeup I have {I never wear makeup except for pictures}, packed a couple of outfits for Chloe Jo and headed to Fayetteville, North Carolina to have professional pictures taken. I am so thrilled to report that Chloe Jo did excellent! It took her a little time to warm up, but once she did she was a doll baby! She even said "tank oo" to the photographer once we were finished. I was able to get a cd of all the photos. They weren't cropped so I did a few, but left most of them the way they were on the cd.

These first few of CJ with the black background were taken during her warming up time. I think they still turned out great!
Do any of you have trouble with what to do with your daughter's hair? CJ's is so fine that it wouldn't stay put. Her bangs just kept falling. I didn't get any of the first two.
I did get a few of this sweet one with the flower. I think it's precious.
I ended up not loving any of the family pictures. I don't particularly care for this background, but the background I did like, I didn't like the pose. I opted for the pose I liked and once I got it into the frame at home, it looks really good.
The photographer took a few of just me and Chloe and a few of just Russ and Chloe. I don't really care for those. I would rather have a picture of the whole family so we didn't buy any of them. Plus, the ones of Russ and Chloe just didn't turn out very good. I think this one was cute, though.
Another thing I don't really like is scenes. I don't like seasonal pictures very much and I don't like scenes unless they are actually taken outside. After seeing these, I decided I kind of liked this family picture and we actually bought a few. Whatev.
We didn't get any of CJ on the beach even though I did think they were pretty cute. We had a budget here, people!

Russ loved these pictures with this ginormous bear. Me - eh, not so much. They are cute, but I wouldn't have bought any if it wasn't for Russ.

I loved this picture! When the photographer was getting this yellow background out I was thinking it was insanely bright and I would hate it. That's why I'm not a photographer.
We also bought one of the pose in black and white. It is precious!
Chloe Jo was obsessed with the tiny chairs and wanted to use one so bad! The photographer had to go find one that matched her outfit (the one she liked was red. gasp!) Chloe totally hammed it up for the camera once she got to sit in the chair. It was so funny!

The last two are my favorites! Love!

After we finished with our portraits and they printed them out, Chloe Jo promptly asked to go to the mall. Ay yi yi!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving cherries! They are so yummy right now {and affordable}!
I'm loving all the extra space I cleared out by {finally} getting rid of all the baby stuff. Seriously, ya'll, we didn't have room for it.

I'm loving this South Carolina bag Russ brought home for me one day last week. I can fit everything in there including the kitchen sink {should I want to}.
I'm loving all of my followers! And I'm loving lots of comments {which seem to have dipped this summer}. If I reach 75 followers I'm going to have another giveaway!

I'm loving Music Monday. I'm going to try to get it up there sooner this Monday so people have time to link up. Or maybe I'm the only one that thinks this is fun...

I'm loving Mexican night. I could eat Mexican food every day.
I'm loving this sweet little girl. She loves to pray. She asks to pray several times every day. Always before nap and night time. While going potty {for real}. Before every meal. The second we get to the church building. Etc.
She is such a little sweetie. My darling.
What are you loving on this fine {heat advisoried} Wednesday?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The end of this month marks our 1 year anniversary of living in South Carolina. I can't believe we've worked with a congregation full time for a year. I think it has been a great year for us and I hope the congregation thinks so, too. One thing I am most thankful for is the spiritual growth I have personally experienced through this year. A lot of things have happened, good and bad, and through it all I have kept the faith. That doesn't mean that I didn't want to question God and what was going on (especially during our 3 weeks of homelessness), but every time my brain went there, I drove Satan out and made myself trust Him and His plan and His purpose. He is teaching me lessons through every day and every situation and I am striving to learn them. I am trusting that God knows what is best for my life and for our family. I'm learning to be satisfied that we have our family, our health, a home and a car. I thank Him every day for all of our blessings.

"Whatever my lot,
Thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well
With my soul."

Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Monday

After Saturday's post about one hit wonders, I thought it might be fun to do a weekly Monday Music post! And, better yet, I decided that I should put a Linky at the bottom of the post so you guys can share in the fun! YAY!

So for the first Music Monday, I thought I would go back to circa 1993-94. This was a big year for the band Ace of Base. They had 3 top hits in those two years and my sister and I loved them! I remember going into a music store and we put our money together and bought the album on cassette. This was the very first album that either of us had ever bought. We listened to that cassette until it wouldn't play anymore!

I hope you all will think this is as fun as I do and will link up with a song every week! I'll try to get it up sooner from now one!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Hit Wonders

Yahoo was featuring a story about one hit wonders today. I enjoyed reading the article and perusing the songs. Some of them made me want to break out my crimper and neon and others made me remember high school pep rally's! You can find the article here. These one hit wonders are artists who were in the top 5 on the charts from 1985 to 2010 and have not returned to the top 100 list. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

OMC - How Bizarre

Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

Love me some great 80's/90's music!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Backpack, Backpack...

I'm the bag that's loaded up
With things and knick knacks too.
Anything that you might need
I have inside for you!
Backpack! Backpack!
Backpack! Backpack!