Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dollar Store Pumpkin Craft with Tutorial

Several weeks ago when I was just starting to see fall decor in the stores, I saw these ugly styrofoam pumpkins in The Dollar Store.

I have been in that store a couple of times since and continued to pass them by. Then I kept seeing pictures of things people have done with those ugly little pumpkins and that inspired me. I went and picked up a couple of those ugly little pumpkins, a couple of tubes of acrylic paint and went home. Last night I got started on my craft.

I knew I wanted to hang my craft on the wall so the first thing I did was cut the pumpkin in half. I tried a serrated bread knife first and then a "Carrie: She's going to kill them all" knife second. I finally went and got my hacksaw and that worked the best.

I hated, like for real, HATED the ugly tangerine color these came in so I gave them two coats of orange paint. Incidentally, the name of the orange paint I chose was...you guessed it...pumpkin. I also painted the tiny nubs of stems a nice leafy green.

After I was happy with the color, I got to work taping the pumpkins so I could paint designs on them. I chose to paint the designs in black.

After the paint was all dry, I sprayed the pumpkins with a coat of clear gloss to seal them and give them shine.

I then broke out my ribbon and tulle and decorated the tops of each pumpkin.

I glued them to one long ribbon and then glued a loop of ribbon to the back to hang it with.

And it turned out so cute! I love it and I'm happy that I can save it and use it year after year!


April said...

That is so cute!

Cheryl said...

This is absolutely darling! Inspiring!

Lauren said...

I love this and saw these little pumpkins too but passed them up haha

Kriss said...

Those turned out adorable!!!!!!!!

Alicia_B said...

Love, love, love!!!!