Friday, October 26, 2012

SUYL: Halloween Costumes

Today, I am linking up with Kelly for Show Us Your Life Friday.

This weeks theme is Halloween Costumes.

I think Halloween may be my favorite holiday. I have always loved handing out candy to the little princesses and ghouls and now it is even more fun with a little one of my own to take trick-or-treating! I take Chloe Jo to a preschool class on Friday mornings and today she was so excited to wear her costume! I didn't get any pictures today because we were running late, but I'll be sure to do another post about the Halloween festivities later on.

Here are her costumes from past years:

In 2009 we were given a pumpkin costume. She was the sweetest little pumpkin evaaaaaaah!

In 2010, we took Raggedy Ann trick-or-treating...and, honestly, this was the best costume and we will probably never do better!

Last year, Little Red Riding Hood made an appearance.

This year, Chloe Jo chose what she wanted to be (tear...gone are the years where I got to choose her costume) and she chose a princess. I cliche. Since that is what she wanted to be, I decided to try my hand at sewing her costume and we are both very happy with the results! This is a picture from when I was making sure everything fit. I did end up take up the skirt a little so it wouldn't drag on the floor. Today she got to wear sparkle makeup and I did her hair up pretty. She also decided she didn't want to wear the cloak so it was just an arm accessory for me. HA!

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Angie said...

My daughter had that same Little Red Riding Hood Costume!

I love that you make her costumes. I totally would do that if I could sew.

Kara said...

My little girl wore that Raggedy Ann costume last year at 1 and a half, and I agree, I feel like we will never find another costume that adorable.

April said...

Love all the costumes!! Precious pics!