Friday, April 17, 2009


*We recieved Chloe's newborn pictures in the mail today. They are so sweet and I am excited to hang one on the wall in our living room.

*Chloe has been awake since 3:45 p.m. and that makes me happy. Hopefully she will sleep well tonight. Last night was a bit rough.

*There have been a few questions posted in my comments: 1) Did my milk hurt coming in? Yes. The engorgement phase is just that. Engorgement. I felt like I had stuck bowling balls in my chest. Luckily it only last for a day and it doesn't hurt anymore. 2) How do I feel after giving birth? I feel great. Seriously. I took Chloe to church Wednesday evening and we went on a walk today. Everything is better with her there. 3) Am I sore at all? Yes. I have a few cramps here and there mainly during feeding time. I am also sore in my nether regions. That is to be expected, though. 4) How did I manage to only gain 27 pounds? I watched what I ate like a hawk and I made sure to keep up with my excercise. I did quit excercising around 36 weeks or so, but before that I kept it up for as long as I could.

*I put my maternity clothes away today. This was bittersweet and I actually cried while doing it. Who knows if I'll ever be able to experience pregnancy again? I love my baby, but I also loved being pregnant.

*Chloe hates her pack-n-play. She wants to be snuggled up even when she sleeps. While we stayed with my parents, my mother had a box that we lined with blankets and she slept in there. She loved it. The pack-n-play is just too big and she won't sleep in it. There is a basinett that is on the top, but I am cautious about letting her sleep through the night in it. Babies are supposed to be flat on their backs during the night. I can always keep an eye on her during nap time so I don't mind doing it then. Any suggestions?
*I revised some of my birth story. I just forgot to mention that I had to be on oxygen for the majority of labor because of Chloe's irregular heartbeat. I am so thankful for modern medicine because without it, she may not have made it.

That's it for now. I am going to go take a nap!

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courtney said...

These pictures are wonderful!

Ang said...

Just precious!!

Carrie said...

Have you tried any of the swaddling blankets? Like the ones with velcro so they stay put? Maybe that would help her to feel more confined and she wouldn't wake up upon flailing her arms and legs around in her "big" pack and play. I can see how the swaddling blankets imitate being held and snuggled... she might love them!

Mel said...

Swaddle blankets all the way. L still needs them to sleep most of the time, it makes her feel all snuggly!
Love these pictures!