Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breastfeeding Class

I was looking forward to this class the most. It stunk, though. I don't know if it was the fact that it was very, very basic...like if you have ever seen a woman breastfeed, you would have gotten more out of watching that than the stupid class or if it was the couple up front that thought everything was hilarious. Seriously, grow up. Or maybe it's just the fact that I'm exhausted and between the lack of real information and the everything-is-hilarious-couple, I was irritated throughout the whole class. My lamaze instructor did a little bit on breastfeeding and I got just as much out of her 10 minute spill as the two hour class tonight. And there's a part 2 next week if I want to go to that. Oh goody. I didn't sign up for it so I won't be gracing that class with my presence. I'm so annoyed right now...mainly because of the couple up front. If you are going to take a class like this, then you need to be mature enough to not laugh when the instructor whips out the fake boob. Also, we watched a video that, naturally, had a lot of uncovered breasts and they thought every one of those breasts were funny, too. The poor instructor was being laughed at every time she said something remotely "embarrassing." The highlight of the evening was when the instructor told us that "you don't need to drink cows milk to make people milk." Wow. You don't say. Because I always thought that cows drank goats milk to produce their own milk....
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I Believe in Miracles said...

That's a bummer. Sorry! Can you go take another class?

I know when my friend had bf issues, she found a women's group in town and went there and they were super helpful (not that you will, but maybe you could find one to learn at?)

You're looking great! Can't believe you're almost there.


Hollie said...

Sorry the class wasn't good. Some people just can't help themselves I guess. Well, if you wouldn't have gone, you would probably beat yourself up wondering what you missed. My class was pretty good. But really, after the baby is born, the nurses will help you get the baby latched on, and that is the most important thing. The classes make it sound like there are so many problems, but I think that for most people, BFing comes pretty naturally.

Christina said...

I've heard from a few other people that the breastfeeding classes are a waste of time. I think it's surprising since everything I read is encouraging breastfeeding.

Anonymous said...

As far as breastfeeding; aside from a breast and a baby, what do you need? Water. Calories. LOTS OF REST and lots of patience. The hospital should have a lactation consultant available and she would be able to help you get started. Don't use bottles or pump until your supply is established (usually 4-6 weeks) and prepare for 'nursing marathons' every few weeks when the baby has a growth spurt.

(Side Note: Not trying to be snarky, but 'retards'?)


Jackie. said...

Feeling a little sarcastic today. Lisa? Or shall we say breastcastic? Or maybe sarnipple?

This was one of your funniest posts EVER (and I think that you are really funny. Was it the StarTrek post or the wife-beater T post that first sent me howling? I don't know....). Thank you for making what could be mundane, a breastfeeding class, into something wildly funny.

Chloe is bound to be a hoot!!!

Earl Gearl said...

Ok Stephanie from Illinois. Calling them retards was immature. I admit it...just got caught up in the typing moment.

Melissa said...

After putting off my work this week, I finally read through all your posts! Whew. Sorry abut the nice couple in your class. I wonder what how the class can be so long though and go on for another day. Just to let you know, the lactation consultants at the hospital are wonderful. Whatever you do, keep up with the lansinoah (totally misspelled that yet am too lazy to look it up) after every feeding. Wish I had my books out of storage, I could give you a good one to read.

Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry! What I meant to be a witty comment, came out really dry and...wow, totally unlike me! I guess I was trying to quickly convey all of the things I never learned in a BF class/had to learn on my own/was told by other BFing moms. Believe it or not, I nursed my son for three years. (EEK! But, people don't realize he nursed once or twice a day after the first 18 months...)
Yet I digress; I'm very, very sorry if my first comment came off as rude.
I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I absolutely can't believe you are SO close!!
Good luck and enjoy the little things. (Yes, there are parts of labor and delivery that can be enjoyed! Okay. Scratch that. Not 'enjoyed' but fondly looked back on after the baby is sleeping through the night and you get your wits back. LOL)
Illinois...who has a blog, but it is private, so I post pseudo-anonymously.