Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scrapbook Pages

My pregnancy scrapbook is complete! And instead of taking a nap like a good, well-rested mother would, I'm going to upload the pictures so you all can see!

I also finished Chloe's birth announcements the week after she was born and sent them to family and a few friends.
This is the outside. The letters and dress were cut with Cricut.

I also put the handprints on the back of the envelope as a teaser.
Mom and I stamped Chloe's little bity baby feet for her scrapbook...which I need to start on!
No post is complete without pictures of the cutie patootie. This is what she does best...sleep. I'm not sure if she gets that trait from me or her father. We are both good sleepers...well, were, until she joined us!

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Ashley said...

I just love all of your pages and the announcements!! You are quite creative...and I am impressed you have finished it while busy with sweet little Chloe! I did digital scrapbook pages and am trying to keep up so that I can do a couple pages from when this little one joins us and then order them all. I wonder if I can publish them on my have to check into that :) Nice job!

Mercedes said...

What va beautiful girl. Keep the pix coming!

Melissa said...

Beautiful! I have a scrapbook and some things to started on my very first one...but that's as far as I've gotten! I'm hoping one of these days I'll find the time to start. Faith thought the handprints were Chloe's. =)

Jackie. said...

She is already so much bigger! I agree.... keep the pix coming!!!

Chelley N said...

She's looking so big already! Boooo!!!!