Sunday, March 10, 2013

Valentine's Day

I'm less than a month behind on blogging now (if you factor in the posts I have scheduled for the next two weeks)!

Yay for me! I should have a party to celebrate!

Speaking of celebrating, how did you all celebrate Valentine's Day?

My sister and her husband don't. Like ever. Sillies!

Me, on the other hand, I enjoy a good celebration so Russ and I gave each other cards. And then he went to a friends house for a man-date to watch the Thunder lose to Miami.

Um!?!? I know!

So I decided to take Chloe Jo out. When we were talking about where to go I asked her if she wanted to go to Olive Garden to which she immediately replied, "No. I don't yike dat pace." She doesn't know. She's never been. So then I suggested IHOP and Cherry Berry afterwards to which she replied "I YUV IHOP AND PANTATES AND I YUV CHERRY BERRY. I WANT TO GO THERE TO GET ICE CREAM. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST! I LOVE PANTATES WITH SEERUPS AND STRAWBERRY YODURT! ICE CREAM FROM CHERRY BERRY IS THE BEST!"

So that's what we did.

I like for our house to be a tiny bit festive for holidays. I especially like decorating the fireplace. I can't put a bunch of tall things on the mantle because our TV sits in in alcove behind the mantle so I mainly like to use banners. I made this cute Valentine's banner and this year I remembered to put out my Valentine's quilt that my mother made me several years ago.

Of course, Chloe Jo and I had to take a picture with the festiveness. She wanted to wear her shirt with a "scarf" so she could be like Mommy. Scarves are my favorite fashion accessory.

Love this picture so much (even though Chloe Jo is being a tad goofy)!

Our friends, Ross and Tia, gave each family that was at Wednesday evening Bible study a box of Glacier Confections. While I am not really a fan of this type of chocolate, I thought they were so beautiful! I did eat one that was filled with caramel apple and it was yummy! Then I ate one that wasn't so yummy and that reminded me of why I don't care for these kinds of chocolate. If they would just say what was in them, it would be all good.

And that's all she wrote!

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