Monday, March 18, 2013

Brenny and Bri's Birthday Party

One of the hardest things about living in South Carolina for me was that I didn't get to be with my family to celebrate milestones like birthdays or Brenson's birth.

One of the best things about being close to my sister is that I get to spend a lot of time with my precious niece, Brianna, and nephew, Brenson (oh...and Chelley and Chris, too).

Brianna and Brenson have birthdays 1 week apart. At the beginning of February they went to Disney as part of their birthday celebrations, but my sister also decided to have a party for them after they got back.

I loved celebrating these milestones with them!

Brianna turned 3 and Brenson turned 1. This was the first and only shot I took of them. They obviously had a lot of things to do because they smiled perfectly the first time. :)

Chelley loves to decorate (we definitely have that in common) and her house was so cute! She said it was kind of difficult to decorate for a girl/boy party, but she did fantastic!

This is the entry into their kitchen/dining area.

This is the cake table complete with a smash cake for Brenson.

This was Brenson's area. She does a monthly photo picture for her children's first year. She displayed Brianna's monthly photos like this at her first birthday party, too. 

And this was Brianna's area. 

 The night before the party I went over to her house to make these tissue paper poms for her. In my opinion, these are the cheapest, most bang for your buck party decorations. I thought I had a tutorial of how to make them, but I guess I never did it...I'll have to remedy that the next time I make them (I have a party I'm helping decorate for coming up this month so it will be soon).

Of course I needed a picture of the besties. I must get this printed to update Chloe Jo's "cousins" frame.

And last of all, I wanted to mention that I made Brenson and Brianna's birthday shirts. I didn't do the embroidery on them because my machine was very new when Chelley needed it done, but I can do it now. If you are interested in ordering a shirt, go here. One of Brenny's birthday presents from us was this stegosaurus shirt I made for him. I'm so happy with how it turned out! I wanted to embroider "Brenny-suarus" on it, but my sister is not really into those cutesy types of things. :)


April said...

Love seeing the boy/girl party decorations. Our little girl should be arriving just a few short weeks after Jonah's birthday so we plan to do combined b-day parties too. I love the shirts and will definitely keep you in mind for future shirts for Jonah! Love those tissue pom poms too so you must post a tutorial.

Chelley N said...

Love that photo you took of the kiddos. Thanks for helping us celebrate!