Thursday, March 28, 2013

St. Patty's Day

 We don't do much for St. Patty's Day normally. We don't celebrate it in a religious way and we don't drink alcohol so we don't celebrate it in that way, either. I don't decorate the house and I don't color our food. I know. I am so St. Patty's Day boring. Despite all of those things we don't do, I made sure that Chloe Jo and I wore green so at least we wouldn't get pinched. Russ claimed he didn't have anything green for Sunday morning services. I know that he has 3 green dress shirts. He just didn't want to participate. I pinched him several times.

I made Chloe Jo a set of shamrock hair bows and a shamrock shirt. She also has a green and white plaid dress that I was waiting for spring to break out. This was the perfect day for her to wear it!

I don't have much green so I ended up wearing this green shirt. Of course, I had to be accessorized with a scarf. I am crazy about scarves. This is our days family picture because Mr. Grinch didn't want to play with us.

Sunday evening, we broke out CJ's shamrock shirt. She had the tights from her Strawberry Shortcake birthday party last year. And of course we had to go with the gold shoes!

Hope your St. Patty's Day was fun!

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Angie said...

We don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day either.

Chloe Jo is so cute. I love those striped tights :)