Monday, March 4, 2013

All Things Pony

I loved My Little Pony when I was little. When Chloe Jo really started liking watching TV (as if there was a time she didn't like it) I bought her one of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DVD's. From that moment on, she was hooked. She love everything Pony and I am not one bit disappointed about this because I love all things Pony, too, now.

I really do try not to go overboard buying her toys. We are so incredibly blessed and I don't want her to think she should get everything that she wants, but this is our (yes, I said "our") Pony collection at this time.

Um...yikes. Most of this stuff was given to us, but a lot of the single Pony's (that didn't come with playsets) we did buy. I'm pretty sure she is finished collecting Pony's for a while!

Just a few weeks ago the season finale of season 3 aired and Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn. This episode is so good and we have watched it several times over. The Twilight Sparkle alicorn toy is not being released until the fall, but we are excited about it anyway.

In light of this development (that has the Brony community up in arms, by the way) I decided to make Chloe Jo a Twilight Sparkle inspired shirt. She didn't understand that the shirt wouldn't actually have Twilight Sparkle on it, but after I explained to her that wearing the shirt makes her Twilight Sparkle she was totally down with it.

I also have a Pinterest Board that I call "All Things Pony" to pin ideas or Pony things that I like or think Chloe Jo will like.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Gotta love Twilight Sparkle!

Can you believe I did a whole post about My Little Pony?

Me neither.



Chelley N said...

I can :-)

Kriss said...

My youngest son is crazy about My little pony! He has several he sleeps with and that's the only thing he wants to take to show and tell. Then him and sister act out the cartoons with the ponies. Even though he's a boy playing with them I think it's cute! Love her collection!!

Omaha Couponing 4 EXTREME GIVING!! said...

How did you make the T-shirt? Is it an iron on? If so, where did you purchase it? Thanks for the post

Omaha Couponing 4 EXTREME GIVING!! said...

How did you make the T-shirt? Did you purchase an iron on? If so, where did you purchase it? THX

Lisa said...

I made the t-shirt with wonder under and appliqué. I had the fabric and just cut out the shapes for Twilight Sparkle and sewed around them.