Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reorganized Craft Room

I love organization. I can not hardly function in a messy space. Over the last few months, with everything going on (ie my shop, my home obligations, my church obligations) my craftroom had a bit of a meltdown. My fabric was in different places and looking like who did it and what for. My closet looked like Martha Stewart's home had exploded in it. For a girl who loves being organized, this was no bueno.

So last week, I took an afternoon and organized. I had sent Russ to get me a large crate the night before so I took that in my craft room and started in. The first thing I did was get all of my fabric organized. I ended up take the yard off of one of my shelves and I put it and all of my fleece/minky and specialty fabrics into the crate. Next time, I will color coordinate the fabric, too!

Then I got started on the closet. My children's shirts were just thrown in there hodge podge and I couldn't tell what I had. Everything else was just shoved in where it would fit. It is much better now!

One of the biggest helps is that my shirts are organized. Now all the girl, long sleeved shirts and in one stack, the girl, short sleeved shirts are in another and the boy shirts are the same. So much easier to see what I have now!

And the other side looks just as good.

Now I can work in my craft room without having to dig to find things and without the guest bed being junked up with everything!

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