Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter - Part 1

Hi all! How was your Easter weekend?

Ours was a little crazy, but lots of fun!

I'm going to do our Easter post in two parts so as to not get too long.

Last week, my sister and her kiddos came over to dye Easter eggs. I love dying Easter eggs and have done it nearly every year of my life. We even dyed eggs when we were in Ukraine one year on a mission trip!

Chelley and I went a little overboard with the eggs. She brought 30 and I boiled 24. Then she also brought her own egg dying kit that had 12 colors and I had one that had 6 colors. I had half of a large jug of vinegar and I ended up using it all. I ended up that it worked out, though, because Chloe Jo and Brianna had plenty of dye and Chelley and I also were able to participate without having to take colors and eggs that were meant for the girls. i.e. we didn't have to share.

Brenson Bug was so excited to play with us. He ended up making a huge boy mess by taking a white crayon and repeatedly jabbing it into the center of an egg. Blech.

Chloe Jo and Brianna are getting so big. They only needed very minimal help this year. *tear*

This is one art activity that Chloe Jo does not deem "too messy."

Almost finished!

Our eggs turned out so pretty! I love how bright the colors are!

 Brianna also brought Chloe Jo a little Easter treat. My sister made these off of an idea on Pinterest. How cute is that!

Stay tuned for Party 2 tomorrow!

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Chelley N said...

I need to get these pics from you. And yeah, 18 color and 54 eggs was a lot, but it was fun!!!