Friday, April 5, 2013

Sick Day

A couple of weeks ago, my poor girl decided to have a few sick days. I hate sick days and it seems we have had more than our share since we moved to Oklahoma. I think every time we move to a new area of the country, our bodies have to readjust.

One evening we put Chloe Jo to bed and she was seemingly fine. Around 11 that evening she started crying so I went to her room and found her laying in vomit. She must have just exploded because there was vomit all over her bed, on the floor, and on the walls on both sides of her bed. What made it even worse was that she had a red drink that evening and so it looked like blood. I yelled for backup from Russ. He put her straight into the tub while I stripped the bed and cleaned up the floor and walls. She ended up being sick 2 more times that night and then was sick for 3 days that week.

The worst part of the fiasco was that she covered her beloved puppy in red vomit. Her puppy is grey and white so I didn't think I could get the stains out. When I told her that Puppy couldn't be saved, she bawled so hard that I changed my mind and decided to try to save him.

I ended up running the hottest water I could in a bowl with a scoop of my homemade laundry detergent (recipe can be found by clicking on the "recipes" tab at the top of the page).

Doesn't Puppy look pitiful?

I let him soak all night in his bath and then dumped the whole thing into the washer and added another scoop of the detergent. After running him through a washing cycle and drying him, I got him out of the dryer and couldn't believe my eyes. Puppy was saved! He was completely clean, fluffed and even better than before!

The best part of the situation was that Chloe Jo was so thrilled when I gave him to her.

You can even see how happy she was through the sickness.

Isn't it funny how one special stuffed animal can make a child feel better? I wasn't too sad when I thought Puppy was going in the trash, but after seeing her reaction, I know that he was worth saving!

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