Monday, April 8, 2013

The Problem with Bed Skirts

Does anyone else out there hate bed skirts as much as I do?

Chloe Jo's bed skirt is just a real pain. They never fit quite right so they move around. CJ's always seems to be longer on one side than the other so that I step on it. Her mattress would not stay put. The problem with her bed is that it needs a bed skirt. It has metal rails and the foundation needs to be covered.

I finally got fed up with it and decided to try to fix it.

This happened a few weeks ago and my fix seems to be working very well!

The first thing I did was to go get my staple gun. I stapled the bed skirt in the corners. I started with the corners so that everything else would line up correctly. I made sure to staple through the seam so the staple would have more to go through and it would have less chance of tearing. I made sure to staple into the edge of the foundation so it had the wood to hold it.

 I then stapled every few inches around the rest of the bed skirt.

I then tackled the issue of the mattress moving around every time CJ climbed into her bed or an adult sat on it. I decided to get 2 rolls of no-slip grip and I stapled those onto the foundation. The great thing about this is that it all comes up easily if we decided to change the bed skirt.

Since I did this, CJ's mattress and bed skirt have stayed in place!

I know this method was probably not the "professional" way to fix this problem, but it seems to be working perfectly!

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I Believe in Miracles said...

My aunt, who is a seamstress, recommended that you take velcro and attach it to a - the box spring and then b- the bedskirt (cutting out the middle white part that goes under the mattress) and that way you can easily remove it to wash it.

Just another thought.