Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chloe Jo, you are 4 years old!

So Chloe Jo turned 4 years old last week! How did that happen?!?

Looking back, it seems like we have always had her and it also seems like it can't be 4 years already. How does life do that? It's fast and slow all at the same time.

April 2009 - Brand New

April 2010 - 1 year old

April 2011 - 2 years old

April 2012 - 3 years old

April 2013 - 4 years old

So what has our little dear been up to lately?

The biggest thing is that she is really thinking through "life" matters.

For example:

She asked me the other day what nipples are for. That was a fun one to talk about.

She asked me how babies come out of their Mommy's tummies.

Just today she asked me who was in Daddy's tummy.

She is a bit obsessed with death. Yes, I know exactly how that sounds. Ugh. But, really, she is. She knows people and things die and that we don't see them after that happens. She is trying to work through this in her brain so random questions or comments come out of her mouth about it a lot. If she sees an animal that is not moving, she automatically thinks it is dead (sometimes we go see chicks at a local farm store and this happens quite a bit...the chicks are never actually dead, though). I tell her as much as I think she needs to know at this age.

She has been so inquisitive lately. Normally she is oblivious (a bit like her mother) but it's been different the last month or so.

CJ is finally out of night time pull-ups. I have been waiting for this for a very long time I am thrilled! She was daytime potty trained before she turned 18 months but I've still had to buy pull-ups for her to sleep in. She has been able to stay dry maybe 2 times in a row and never consistently. One evening last month she decided she didn't want to wear pull-ups any more and she hasn't since and hasn't wet the bed a single time. She is so black and white. It cracks me up!

I printed off the paperwork to fill out to enroll her for preschool in the fall. I'm so excited for her but I know I will miss my little sidekick terribly. Luckily school is out for all kinds of reasons all of the time so we will still get to spend days together.

She has really started having an opinion on the way I do her hair and on what she wears. Most of the time I can talk her into whatever I chose, but sometimes she just has to wear her puppy shirt with the hood.

I have been really working with her, teaching her to do different things around the house. She has started brushing her teeth by herself sometimes. Sometimes I still do it for her if we are in a hurry, though. If I wash dishes, she loves to rinse them and set them on the drying mat. She also loves to help me prepare food in the kitchen. Her favorite thing is stirring. She also has been helping me fold laundry and does really good with washcloths, socks and underwear. She always wants to help me make her bed and pretty soon she'll be able to do that by herself.

She wore her new birthday dress the Sunday before her actual birthday and was such a priss in it! It was hilarious. She loved it so much that she wore it all day and to evening services, also. That is a rare occurrence!

As for her stats right now: I measured and weighed her during her birthday week.

She is 42 3/4 inches in height and in the 96th percentile for that. Sometimes I call her Amazon Girl because she is so tall.
 She weighs 37 1/2 pounds and that puts her in the 60th percentile.
I find it funny that her growth charts have never had a perfect curve. She is anything but ordinary!

I am so blessed to have my sweet, sweet girl!

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Angie said...

It's mind blowing just how fast they grow up isn't it? She sounds like such a sweet little gal!