Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine Journal - 2-20-1997 and 2-21-1997

*Disclaimer: Please remember that I wrote these when I was 14! I could be a snarky brat! I also am typing these journals exactly as I wrote them, bad spelling and all, except I have abbreviated names to protect the innocent or not-so-innocent.


Mom and Chelle went with D to go to the Bizzarre. Mom wouldn't let me stay home alone so R came over. We played Battleship and Outburst. She won on both. On Outburst she only won by one point and on Battleship she only won by 2 boats. It was pretty fun. I did some more homework. After supper we all had a little tea party. Then I went to the gastronome with R to get some more tea. I bought Strawberry and Blackberry. I finished "When we First Met". I really liked it. It's alot like "Romeo & Juliet", except they don't kill themselves. I went down to the pond with R to see the boys. C and J had built a bonfire on the ice. The wind was so cold and strong that it kept blowing out though. C mourned it's death. He madeup a huge long funeral speech about it. It was hilarious. Then we all came back and got some games out and played Family Fued and Taboo the rest of the night. I put a tea bag in my mouth and acted like I was sucking on it and told R that it was really good. So, she did adn almost doubled over gagging. I was laughing so hard at her. I wonder what she expected it to taste like. She was not happy with me, but toke it in stride.


Today I went to buy bread and juice with R. I bought some orange juice and tomato juice at the dollar store.  Then I went home. I did some homework and found out that I needed paint. So I went alone and bought some. I went home and painted the rest of my rose. I gave it to R. I sat out on the swing after I bought the paint and swung for about an hour. I went in and started another picture. I didn't turn out good, but I kept it any way. That night I went to the C's for a bible study. It was fun. R had gone to the S's to babysit, so I talked to J the whole time. Actually he talked to me the whole time. He told me lots of joke and my diafram hurt from laughing so much. I bought a Kinder Surprise and got a rejected toy in it. The chocolate was good, though.

*A Kinder Surprise is a European treat. It is a hollow, chocolate egg that has a capsule inside with a toy in it. Nestle tried to market a similar item in the states a few years back. They had to quit selling it because the toys were too small and they were sued.

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