Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Egg Snake Tutorial

What do you do with all of your leftover Easter eggs?

Our house is full of them during the Easter aftermath.

While scouring Pinterest one day, I found an idea that I thought would be fun to do. It was easy enough for Chloe Jo to do and it was cute. It just so happened that Russ was going on a trip with his friend, Landon, so I decided to invite Kristin and the twins to come hang out for the day.

I had enough Easter eggs for 1 snake, not 3 so I sent Russ to our local Dollar store to get some. Since they were on sale for $0.50 each he went ahead and bought 8 packages.

What you will need:

Easter eggs. We used 24 for each snake. These were the small eggs, but this would work great with the large eggs, too.

Fishing line. We used crochet thread for ours because I did not have any fishing line, but I did go back later and replace the crochet thread because it broke when my nephew, Brenson, who is all boy, played with it.

Googly eyes.

A piece of red felt or foam for the snakes tongue.

The first step is to separate the pieces of the eggs. The bigger, top pieces will be the head and upper body of the snake and the smaller, bottom, pieces will be the tail.

String the fishing line through both holes of one of the bottom egg pieces. Tie 2 slip knots to secure the line. Then string just the bottom pieces onto the line. Once all the bottom pieces are strung, put one of the top pieces on the line and connect it to the first bottom piece. This will make the snake have one whole egg in the very middle.

Take lots of pictures.

Especially of your friends who are crafting with you.

String the rest of the top pieces onto the fishing line and tie it off. The knot can be on the outside. Hot glue eyes on the snake and then hot glue the tongue right over the knot of the fishing line.

And then you have a fun snake to play with!

Obviously the kids thought these were great!

We also made cheerio bird feeders, but the birds don't like ours. We only had the multi-grain, lightly sweetened cheerios and I think that is where we went wrong. Regular cheerios all the way if you are going to make a bird feeder.

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Cheryl said...

Cute idea for left over eggs! I'll have to remember that one.