Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter - Part 2

Last Friday, my brother and his family were in town. It was a rare treat to get to spend time with them during this time of the year. They live in Tennessee so we don't get to see them very often throughout the year. They were on their way home from vacationing at the Grand Canyon for spring break.

I love this picture. Cousins are a special kind of friend!

 Because my brother was in town, my parents came down to see us, too! My brother and his family had to leave Saturday afternoon, but my parents were able to spend Sunday with us!

My parents and their grands (except for 3 who we don't get to see). 

Brianna Elisabeth Jo, Granny Jo, Kaylee, Jordan, Brenson, Grampy and Chloe Jo

My brother and his family. It was nice to spend a little time with them even though it was very short!

Sunday was a packed day! I set out Chloe Jo's Easter basket the night before so she would see it first thing.

Next year, I will know to wait until she is fully awake. The silly thing was so sleepy that she wasn't very excited about it. She did consent to put on the bunny ears for a picture, though.

 Of course, this was a perfect opportunity for a photo session!

Grampy wanted one of just him and his Aleena (Grampy has special nicknames for all of his grandchildren).

Chloe Jo had a *new to her* dress to wear. I thought she looked so big and beautiful!

Family picture! I love this one!

Chloe Jo with two of her very favorite people in the whole world! She loves her G-Jo and Grampy!

Sidebar: April 1st is our one year anniversary of working with the church here! Easter was Russ' first Sunday to completely take over the pulpit duties so it was a big day for us all around!

After worship services, we went with my sister's family and our friends, Ross and Tia, to eat. After lunch we went back to Ross and Tia's house to hunt Easter eggs!

I took several pictures of the three littles and this was the best I got. Tell me, why are the older two (who definitely know better) the ones looking away from the camera and the 1 year old the one who took a great picture? Stinkers!


Ross and Tia's yard was perfect for egg hunting. They have tons of bushes that are great for hiding!

I'm sure I will be hiding eggs for Chloe Jo to find for a few weeks now!


I Believe in Miracles said...

He has Risen Indeed!!

I absolutely love Chloe Jo's dress! She looks like such a big girl. When did that happen?! So so crazy. And the family picture of y'all is definitely a framer.


Chelley N said...

Brenson = easiest child to photograph Brianna = worst child to photograph and worst fake smile

The family photo is really good!