Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend "Fun"

Russ and I went this weekend for a try-out. He didn't know he was going until last Sunday so he didn't ask off work for Saturday. Well, it ended up that his boss found out he was leaving after work (he works nights) and she let him leave at 8:00 instead of the normal 9:30. The town we went to is 5 hours away so the plan was to travel halfway Saturday night, get a motel and go the rest of the way Sunday morning. We were able to leave at 9:00 p.m. Saturday and made it to the place we stayed at by 12:30 a.m. We then left there at 7:00 a.m. to drive the rest of the way. It wasn't that bad....okay it was that bad. I think the try-out went well. I'm just not excited about anything, though. The last couple of places really burned me and I guess I'm a little depressed that we are still here and we are struggling with finances. I really thought we would be moved by now. I know these things take a lot of time and I know that God is on our side so I shouldn't even be complaining. Anyway, we enjoyed the congregation and the day we spent there. We ended up driving back home Sunday evening after services. We were able to get out of there by 7:15 and made it home at 1:00 a.m. Whirlwind traveling like that is no fun at all with a baby who hates her carseat. She didn't cry the whole time. She is such a little homebody and I hate taking her out all the time if I don't have to. To add to the stress of trying to find a job and juggling our finances, Russ' car decided to go on the fritz today. He had to take it into the shop and our mechanic said that the brake hose on one side is completely disintegrated and the brake hose on the other side is just about gone. After he fixes the issues, it's going to cost us $340.00. Ouch. We just spent a bunch of money on that clunker last month because it wasn't running. We keep thinking that it's better than having a car payment, but if this keeps up it may be more prudent to go ahead and buy a different vehicle for Russ...or to share *shudder* the Ion. I'm in a pretty crummy mood so I think I'm going to stop there. As always, thanks for reading Blogger Buddies.


Melissa said...

I completely feel your pain. From the fun traveling to the car trouble. Fingers crossed about the tryout!

courtney said...

Sorry the weekend got you in a crummy mood. I can't imagine what that's like to have to 'try out' preaching in front of a congregatation that you're not too familiar with. And as the wife, you've got to be on your super best mannors, right? Good luck finding the right job and I know God has His hand on you guys during these rough times.