Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little Bean Pole

I know, I know. All I ever do anymore is post pictures. I could drone on and on about what Chloe is learning to do everyday, but that would be boring to anyone besides me and the only reason I think it is a great subject is because I'm her Momma. Oh wait! This is my blog. I think I am going to write a bit about how wonderful and advanced my child is...okay, maybe not advanced. I actually don't think she is advanced in anything besides her neck movement....and her extreme cuteness of course.

Chloe has been getting closer and closer to rolling all the way over. She has always been able to roll to her side which made me nervous at first because I was afraid she would roll completely off the bed or the couch if I laid her on them. That never did happen and now I don't even worry about it. She did completely roll over one time when she was just one month old, but I'm pretty sure that it was just a muscle spasm. Even if it wasn't a muscle spasm, it was definitely a fluke because she hasn't done it since. But, she is getting closer now and once she figures out how to get her shoulder turned she will have it down.

I did a weight and length check today for her. According to my scale she is weighing in at 12 pounds now which is probably accurate because recently changed her to a size 2 diaper and got out her 3-6 months clothes. She must be tall and skinny because most of her 0-3 month pants are still a little big in the waist but her onesies are getting way too short. I've had to put some of them away already. According to my measurement (which is probably not accurate, but close) she is 24 1/2 inches long. The reason I say it is probably not accurate is because of the way I do it. I have tried different methods, but have found that if I lay out a piece of toilet paper on the couner and set her on it I can mark where her head is. I try to make sure her bottom doesn't move while doing this. Then, still making sure her bottom doesn't move, I stretch out one of her legs and mark the end of that. I then take her off the piece of toilet paper and measure between the marks. The measurement is close enough for me. She is definitely a growing girl!

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The Dorns said...

She is the exact same size as Landon. We have that boppy with the seatbelt as I call it and I have a picture with Landon holding his toes togethor just like Chloe is doing.

See I love reading about all the thing Chole does. I left landon on the bed once and came back and he was flipped over that was about a month ago. Hes never done it since so I have no idea what happened. He does like to bend his body up and then turn to the side but never all the way over.

Can you imagine when they start doing this I'll be happy but sad that the itty bitty baby is gone.