Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Done

Not that it wasn't done before. I went to my exit interview today. I am officially no longer employed by -insert previous place of employment here-. I turned in my badge and my parking permit. I did find out that I will be getting one more check. I had accrued 33 hours of vacation for next year, but since I had put Chloe Jo on my insurance, I thought I would have to actually pay in. My insurance was paid for by the company, but I had to pay for Russ' (we chose not to take out insurance on him) and any children. I had vacation time and sick time to use for the first few weeks of my maternity leave, but that ran out in May. Since I gave a two week notice and my last day is technically today, then I need to pay for insurance for Chloe Jo for the month of June. But, I apparently accrued enough vacation to cover that and to leave a little left over which is super exciting because Russ is off today and the rest of this week since the restaurant is closed for the holiday. Another thing I found out is that my insurance is good until the end of this month. Because I am technically employed until the end of today and today is the first of July, I am insured for the month. If my last day would have been yesterday, I wouldn't have been insured for this month. Too bad Chloe Jo's 4 month dr appointment is in August. We'll have to get her some insurance to cover all these appointments for her. Anyway, I'm glad to get the exit interview over with and I'm so thankful to be able to stay at home with Chloe Jo!
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Miss Tori said...


You have a couple of options for Chloe for insurance. You can either elect COBRA for her (and for you too, if you need it) or you can look into the Childrens Health Plan offered by Arkansas. I think each state adminsters their plans a little differently, so I can't tell you exactly what Arkansas requires, but it doesn't hurt to look into it. I think this is the website for it:

Good luck with it!

Ashley said...

Looks likw we have a lot of the same taste on cute baby girl clothes!! And yes, major boo on shots! (Sorry to respond via posting a comment...ha)