Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday and yesterday were just lousy days.

Sunday actually started off fine. Russ went out to preach and I took Chloe to our home congregation. When I picked her up from bible class, she was asleep. She had cried through most of class. This is normal, though. She's been going to bible class since she was 6 weeks old and I'm not going to start going in there with her. She will eventually get used to it and stop crying. This is just how I chose to deal with the bible class situation. Anyway, so I picked her up and she starts crying. I figure she's hungry because she didn't eat as long that morning as she normally does. I took her to the nursery and changed her diaper. During the diaper change she starts getting really upset. Like tantrum throwing upset. Nothing I did would calm her down. She didn't want to eat. She didn't want to rock. She didn't want to eat. She didn't want to lay on the floor. She didn't want to eat. She didn't want to bounce. She didn't want to eat. She finally cried herself to sleep, but by that time the sermon was over. The only thing I actually got to hear was an announcement that a couple there is pregnant with their fifth child. I am really happy for them because they are very excited about this, but another, evil part of me is insanely jealous that they are able to have that many with minimal complications. Then that afternoon is when Russ told me that we didn't get the preaching job that we (sorta) wanted. So, really, Sunday wasn't that bad. I was just really frustrated with Chloe because I couldn't get her calmed down.

Then Monday rolled around. It started out fine. I was a little depressed about the preaching job, but other than that I was fine. I needed to go get groceries and I had a few coupons that I wanted to use before they expired for some baby things. So I went to Wal-Mart and they were out of the wipes and the diaper rash cream that I use. Grrr. It wasn't the first time or just the second time they have been out of these particular wipes. I don't get why they don't order more since they are running out of them so much. They also didn't have the things that I had coupons for. And their bananas always look bad for some reason.

After I got home and put the groceries away, I decided to go to Target. I had a gift card to use on Chloe and I was wanting to get a play gym for her. So I get to Target and I have three coupons for 75 cents off of gerber dishes. I picked out two sippy cups and a package of spoons. I wouldn't have normally bought any of these products at this time, but I figured I would eventually need them and I might as well get them with a coupon. I also picked out a cute play mat. I wanted to look around some more, but at that point Chloe decided she had had enough. She started wailing! I couldn't calm her down for anything so I made my way to the front to check out. I put my stuff on the belt and set the coupons on top of the play mat. I wasn't paying attention to the guy ringing my stuff up because I was trying to calm Chloe down. He told me my total and it seemed high to me. I asked him if he got the coupons. He said, "what coupons. I didn't see any coupons." I looked on the floor and the belt to see if they had just fallen off. I know I put them on the play mat box, but I checked my purse anyway. Nope, not there. The guy just stood there and looked at me. "I don't have any coupons." There were people behind me. Chloe was crying at the top of her lungs and the dimwit that rang up my stuff was standing there like a lump. He looked in one place and just stood there. He didn't look on the floor or anything. So I had bought these silly dishes for Chloe that were overpriced because it was in Target and I didn't even have my coupons to make myself feel better about the purchase. I finally said "okay", took my stuff and left very upset that he didn't feel like my three 75 cent coupons were worth a moment of his time.

So Chloe cried the whole way home. My nerves were so frazzled by the time I pulled up to our home that I needed a few seconds of non-crying time. So I took the diaper bag and the Target bag inside. On my way back out to get Chloe, I slammed the door which made me feel a little bit better. I know, it was childish. I got Chloe out of the car, went back up the the door and pushed the handle down to go in....


I pushed the door.

I pushed the door again.

In my stupidity of slamming the door, it jammed. I couldn't get back into the apartment. Frantically, I rattled the door and pushed the door and kicked the door. Nope. No getting back in. I know it didn't lock because we only have a deadbolt and my keys were inside where I threw them when I had taken the diaper bag in. I ended up calling Russ to hurry home because I was stuck out of the house. Luckily, I had Chloe with me. I normally take Chloe in first and then unload the car. Of course, if I hadn't of acted like a baby and slammed the door shut, that wouldn't have happened in the first place. And of course, during this whole fiasco, Chloe was still crying at the top of her lungs. I ended up feeding her on my porch (without a cover-up) while I waited for Russ to come home. My porch is secluded from the parking lot by bushes and it was dark so it wasn't that bad. Russ eventually got home and he manhandled the door and got it to open. He also promptly fixed the part that had broken.

Even with these bad days, I have to say that Chloe is the most adorable baby ever and she really is worth all of it.

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courtney said...

"A Jonah Day".
sorry to hear it, I hope your week gets better!

Linda said...

When it rains, it pours! But you are right...Chloe is SO cute and totally worth all of it.

melissa said...

Those tough weeks are always just so much fun. I hope everything is going better. And yup, she is pretty adorable!

I hate to say it but you will always have a part of you that's jealous. Even when you have, say, 3 kids. While you are happy for them and wish them the best, it just brings back the feelings on why it is so much harder for some than others. Want to know what I'm jealous about? That they can make that announcement at 7 weeks without thinking twice miscarriage. I wonder how long that lasts or if it will unfortunately always be a part of us. =(

The Family of N said...

Maybe you need to stop and braid a whip....

The Dorns said...

I so feel for you. I jave just had two ruff days with landon and screaming for 15 minutes at night without being able to be soothed and then he just passes out. He is also not sleeping at all not during the day , not at night. Its frustrating. Once their alseep and you look at them they are just so precious, its those other times I question Do we have to keep him,