Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chloe's New Playmat

I ended up just taking the sippy cups, spoons and original playmat back to Target. I don't know what I was thinking, but I had bought Chloe a tummy time mat. She HATES tummy time so it was useless. She may have grown to like the mat eventually, but I really wanted something that she could use now because she is starting to get bored with just laying on the floor, sitting in her swing or bouncer or being held by me. I can tell that she wants something to do. She discovered her hands a few weeks ago and loves to chew on them and she also loves to play with her burp rags. I think it's because they will stay on her hands without her actually holding them.
As for other progress she has made...I introduced her to the hand mirror a couple of days ago which she thought was great. She just kept smiling at herself and if Momma was in the picture, she would laugh. It was so cute! I keep giving her things to grab and she is starting to be able to hold onto stuff for a little bit. She hasn't quite realized that she can put the toys in her mouth and chew on them, but I'm sure she'll get there. She did have a hold of her paci on Sunday and couldn't decide if she wanted something to suck on or something to hold because she kept pulling it out and sucking it back into her mouth. Too funny. I haven't started her on cereal or baby food yet. I am going to ask about that at my next doctor appointment. Most books say to start them at four months, but I have friends who started their children as early as 6 weeks. Since I'm home all day, I don't mind nursing every few hours so I haven't felt the need to start solids. I had said in a previous post that she has started trying to turn over. Well, that lasted for about three days and she hasn't tried since. I guess she got tired of that game. I know she has been seeing bright colors for a while, but she is starting to watch other things now, too. She can follow me when I walk in front of her and she can watch me when I go to pick her up. I think she is progressing very so far and can't wait to see what she is going to do next!
Here are a couple of pictures of her new Playmat. She seems to like it okay. She played for about 10 minutes this morning. I thought that was pretty good for a baby.

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melissa said...

So um, yeah, I really need to slow down and read more carefully. I had to do a double take. I thought the title said Chloe's new playmate.

I haven't started Eli on food. I don't plan to until 6 months. It's when I started both girls too.

Hollie said...

That's great that she likes her playmat and stayed 10 minutes. It's good for her to be comfortable playing on her own. Oh yes she will start chewing on everything soon.