Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baby Blankets

Chloe Jo was given quite a few homemade baby blankets when she was born. It is wonderful to think about the effort, time and love that were put into the making of these blankets. I decided when we started recieving them that I would take a picture of each of the blankets with Chloe Jo for the individuals that made them. I just got to this today. Chloe Jo was such a trooper throughout the photo shoot...and it lasted a while. Of course I had to blog this because I have to blog everything. My dad told me today that Chloe is probably used to the flash since I take tons of pictures of her. Just call me ShutterBug!
This gorgeous quilt was made by our friend, Anita. Didn't she do an amazing job? And it's huge!

This blanket was made by G-Jo (my Mom). It's a mini version of the blankets that we tack together. So cute and special. The pattern is called "Around the World" and is the same pattern my Gramsie (great-grandmother) made when she was still with us. I don't have a clue how many blankets Gramsie made, but it was a ton. I know that I recieved one for band trips when I was a teenager, one for my high school graduation, one for when we got married (this one was after she had passed on, she made a bunch to set back for the grandkids) and I know I have a few others. This is a wonderful tradition that my Mom has kept up and I have been able to tack blankets with my Mom.

This blanket was also made by G-Jo. She has made one for each of her grandchildren. Again, it's so special to have these blankets because I know the amount of time it takes to make one. There is love in every single stitch.

This is a fleece blanket made by our friend, Carolyn. She cut fringes into the edges of it. So cute!

This blanket was made by the Tuesday Ladies Group. This group is a few ladies from the church that meet every Tuesday morning to sew. I was able to attend this group before I went to work when we first moved here. They mainly make pillows. They make little rectangular shaped pillows, puppies and teddy bears. Then every month they take bags of them to the hospitals in town. They go to the children's floors and the hospital gives them out to the children who come in. They also give a few to the emergeny rooms, hospice (they get larger pillows for grown-ups) and the Ronald McDonald house. I loved being a part of this group and we very sad when I had to quit going when I went to work. I don't know if Chloe Jo would be up for going now, but I may try it and see one of these days.

This blankets was made by our friends, Doyle and Dicie. They are a couple that attend church services with my sister.

This blanket was knitted (I think it's knitted, it could be crocheted) by my friend, Penny. Penny was one of my bosses where I used to work. I actually had three different bosses during the two years that I worked for the company. She and I had a lot in common and she really helped me get through last year and all my infertility treatments. It would have been a harder journey if I hadn't had her there.

This blanket was crocheted (I think it's crocheted, it could be knitted) by our friend, Laura. These ladies just do a magnificent job!

And another gorgeous blanket made (I have no idea if this was knitted or crocheted!) by our friend, Mae.

These next few blankets weren't actually made for Chloe...well one of them was before I knew I was having Chloe. I'll explain that in a momen. These are blankets that I had put in my hope chest to save for my babies. They have been there for quite a while, but I have now given them to Chloe.
My Mom made this for me when I was little. I believe I used it as a doll blanket.
This blanket has Sunbonnet Sue on it. It was mine when I was a baby. I don't think I actually used it because it is in really good shape. I'm not going to let Chloe use it as a blanket either. I would really love to hang it on a wall when she gets her own room. I have always loved Sunbonnet Sue and yellow is one of my favorite colors. I'm not sure who made this one. Maybe my Mom.I made this blanket specifically for my hope chest. This is the one that I was talking about that I made for Chloe before I knew I was having Chloe. I was young when I made it so I'm sure my Mom actually sewed it and I just picked out the fabric and tacket it. The Minnie part is actually a handkerchief that I'm pretty sure my Grandma who passed away gave me when I was little. I think we had a few of them, but this is the only one I have. I'm so excited to give it to Chloe since it really was made for her.

Chloe was so good while I took all these pictures. She didn't cry one time until I was completely finished. There are a lot of blankets here, but if Chloe is anything like me they will be used. I love having lots of blankets even in the summertime.

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Sasha said...

Wow!! I've never seen so many blankets given to anyone. You and Chloe are truly loved. I enjoyed looking at all of them. Mama's making me a quilt (she's fairly new at quilting) and I can't wait to get it when it's finished.