Friday, July 1, 2011

Hope Chest Quilt

First off, the rug from the last post about Chloe Jo's room is from Target. They are sold in stores and online.

Have any of you been over to the KRDL Paper and Fabrics blog? I pretty much love it!

When I passed my hope chest to Chloe Jo, I also passed her the antique cross-stitched fabric that I have been using to cover it. I knew it didn't go in her room, but at the time I wasn't ready to take on the project of finding something the went better to cover it.
I don't think it's bad per se, but it just doesn't go with her decor. While we were out of our home during the flood I was pretty bored. I was looking at a post on KRDL and I was inspired to make a quilt to cover Chloe Jo's hope chest. I first drew it on graph paper (graph paper is my best friend when it comes to designing things. Every square is an inch so you know exactly what the measurements of everything are!). Russ took me to big town next door to pick out some fabric and when we got moved back in, I went to work. I love the result! It goes perfectly in Chloe Jo's room and now I can say that her room is complete!
I decided to "quilt" it with my sewing machine. I had originally planned to tie it, but I am so glad I changed my mind. I think sewing it on the machine was easier and it looks great!
I even love how the back turned out with all the rectangles and squares. The machine sewing part was also inspired by the post on KRDL.

And here is the after. It matches perfectly!

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Oh my gosh, I love it! I think it turned out great. The straight line quilting really does add a lot to it, and the fabrics you picked really pop. Thank you for all your kind words and the shout out!