Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chloe Jo's New Room!

Since Chloe Jo's bed (crib converted into a toddler bed) sat in water for 2+ days after the flood, Russ and I decided to go ahead and replace it with a big girl bed. Chloe was soooooo excited about her bed and still is! She loves sleeping in it and playing on it during the day. She was also excited about her pink walls. She ran into her room and shouted, "it's pink!" one day when we came by to check out the work that was being done. I love that she loves her room so much!

This is a view of her room from the main door. I love how everything looks with the pink walls. Some of you may say it is a little too much, but Chloe Jo and I both love it! The rug is the same one that was in there before, just new. The old one didn't survive the water.
This is her Princess Hair Bow Holder and hope chest. My dad made the hope chest for me when I was younger and I passed it to Chloe Jo when she was born. I made the quilt on top of the hope chest last week. I'll do a separate post all about that tomorrow.
This is a view of her room from the bathroom door. Our full bath is a Jack and Jill so it opens to both rooms of our place. My dad made the kitchen for my niece and she passed it down to Chloe Jo. Dad made a few modifications and painted it for Chloe Jo before it was put in her room. We bought her bed frame from Target. They have a good selection of metal beds and this particular one had 100% satisfactory feedback. I love it because it will grow with her until she is ready to go to college (ugh, I don't even want to think about that...).
This is the dresser that Grampy (my dad) made for Chloe Jo after she was born. He makes each grandchild a piece of furniture (usually a desk or a dresser). I made the cross stitch, the mobile and the felt flower bouquet. I will do a separate post about the flowers, also.
This is the Cabbage Patch Kid corner. My dad and I made the wagon to use in Russ and I's wedding. I wanted both our baby nieces in our wedding (my older niece was a junior bridesmaid). My niece has spina bifida and couldn't walk at the time and Russ' niece wasn't quite old enough to trust to walk down the aisle so they rode in this wagon that was pulled by my oldest nephew. The Cabbage Patch Kids are all mine, but they look so cute in Chloe Jo's room that I let them live there. Believe it or not, I know all of their names without looking at birth certificates!
And there you have it! Chloe Jo's new big girl room that she loves!


Janet said...

Very cute! You are much braver than me! My girls will be in their cribs until they are 10 if I can help it!

Ashley said...

I absolutely love it! Can't wait to see the posts on the items you made. And where did you get that cute alphabet rug? I know Katie would LOVE to have that in her room!

Allison said...

SO CUTE!!!! I love the rug!!!

caryn said...

Love the room and can't wait for the post about the felt flowers.

devonophotography said...

I love your daughter's room. It is beautiful!