Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

So I've been a total slacker this year and haven't taken Chloe Jo to get her 2 year old pictures yet. {I know!} We also haven't had family pictures done since last June. {Ugh! I know!} It was high time I get my act together and get this done. I'm so afraid of looking back in 20 years and saying to myself, "Self! Why did you slack on pictures!?!?!?" So today I drug out what little makeup I have {I never wear makeup except for pictures}, packed a couple of outfits for Chloe Jo and headed to Fayetteville, North Carolina to have professional pictures taken. I am so thrilled to report that Chloe Jo did excellent! It took her a little time to warm up, but once she did she was a doll baby! She even said "tank oo" to the photographer once we were finished. I was able to get a cd of all the photos. They weren't cropped so I did a few, but left most of them the way they were on the cd.

These first few of CJ with the black background were taken during her warming up time. I think they still turned out great!
Do any of you have trouble with what to do with your daughter's hair? CJ's is so fine that it wouldn't stay put. Her bangs just kept falling. I didn't get any of the first two.
I did get a few of this sweet one with the flower. I think it's precious.
I ended up not loving any of the family pictures. I don't particularly care for this background, but the background I did like, I didn't like the pose. I opted for the pose I liked and once I got it into the frame at home, it looks really good.
The photographer took a few of just me and Chloe and a few of just Russ and Chloe. I don't really care for those. I would rather have a picture of the whole family so we didn't buy any of them. Plus, the ones of Russ and Chloe just didn't turn out very good. I think this one was cute, though.
Another thing I don't really like is scenes. I don't like seasonal pictures very much and I don't like scenes unless they are actually taken outside. After seeing these, I decided I kind of liked this family picture and we actually bought a few. Whatev.
We didn't get any of CJ on the beach even though I did think they were pretty cute. We had a budget here, people!

Russ loved these pictures with this ginormous bear. Me - eh, not so much. They are cute, but I wouldn't have bought any if it wasn't for Russ.

I loved this picture! When the photographer was getting this yellow background out I was thinking it was insanely bright and I would hate it. That's why I'm not a photographer.
We also bought one of the pose in black and white. It is precious!
Chloe Jo was obsessed with the tiny chairs and wanted to use one so bad! The photographer had to go find one that matched her outfit (the one she liked was red. gasp!) Chloe totally hammed it up for the camera once she got to sit in the chair. It was so funny!

The last two are my favorites! Love!

After we finished with our portraits and they printed them out, Chloe Jo promptly asked to go to the mall. Ay yi yi!


Alicia_B said...

Those a great pictures! She has such a sweet angel face! I have been a total slacker too on the pictures, looking at these motivates me to go get ours done.

Ashley said...

I think all of them are fabulous! So sweet - Brad always gets on to me about too many pictures...I am of the opinion that one can never have too many :) I try to get our pics taken every 6 months. We will see how long that lasts. With Katie being a spring baby, we do her bday pics late spring, and then do pics in the fall for the xmas card (which just so happens to be her half bday too)! Oh well...Katie will love them one day. And I love them now!

Christina said...

Cute pictures!! How on earth do you get her to stay so still for pictures??? We've never had professional pictures taken because Annika will not stay still!! I swear she has the startings of ADD already!

Elana said...

My mom is getting on my back about taking family pictures. I just don't know how in the world to get everyone together at the same time for it! Aside from that, the twins' 1st year pictures were a disaster, so I'm not so keen on repeating the experience. But, they are a year older now and hopefully won't be as bad.

I really like the beach's so realistic!!

~Macs Girl~ said...

Such good pics! I want the giant bear to sleep with! lol

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the yellow one and the last two!

C said...

Adorable pics. I loved the one with the yellow background!

Mercedes said...

Great pictures. Chloe always looks terrific. Good for you getting family pictures. We are soo bad about it.

Janet said...

Great pictures!

caryn said...

Oh my the one with the yellow back ground is beautiful! They all turned out great.

Chelley N said...

My favorite of CJ is the second one. I think both family pics are great! I wish I was brave enough to attempt family pics!