Monday, July 11, 2011

Chloe Jo! What did we tell you about that invisibility cloak?

Why is it that when we eat out the servers don't see Chloe Jo??? This happens to us all of the time at several different places. They completely ignore her like she isn't even there. They don't bring her a drink. They don't bring her silverware. And most of the time they don't even ask if she wants anything. I just don't get why servers think she is not going to need a drink or silverware! It really annoys me when I have to ask for either of those things. Maybe they think we are going to share our drink with her, but if they had children of their own they would know better than that. Backwash is disgusting. Especially from a toddler! Just needed to get that out there. It's so irritating!


Chelley N said...

That happens to us, too. In fact, today we asked our waiter to bring a drink for B no less than 3 times and she never did get it. Argh.

Janet said...

I don't get this either. I would think that my two munchkins would attract enough attention that they would want to get my family in and out as fast as possible. Nope, they usually don't even acknowledge the girls. Weird!