Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who is the parent here???

Lately, Chloe Jo has been correcting me. This just makes me laugh so hard because she is usually right! The most funniest thing she does is tell me to say "pes" (please). Sometimes I get frustrated with her because I ask her to do something nicely and she won't do it. I'll say something like, "Chloe Jo, please pick up your toys and put them away." After the 2nd time I won't be so polite and it will come out in my sternest Mommy voice, "Chloe Jo! Pick your toys up NOW!" To which she will reply, "Pes?" like I forgot my manners. That is what happened this morning while we were cleaning her room. She had dumped out a puzzle and the pieces were all over the floor. I asked her to put them up at least 3 times and she didn't do it. I finally told her to without a please and she looked at me and said, "pes?" like I needed to say please. Luckily she will usually mind after the stern mommy voice comes out. She is such a silly little thing!

Something else I find hilarious is that her favorite word right now is Nihao. Dora the Explorer taught her this word. It means "Hello" in Chinese. I looked up how to spell it in English in the Chinese-English dictionary. By the way, she is watching me typing and saying nihao like she knows that it what I am talking about. Hilarious! When we go to big town next door, it is about a 40 minute drive. On the way there and back she will sit in the back seat saying, "Nihao, Mommy. Mommy, nihao. Nihao. Nihao. NIHAO! Daddy, nihao. Nihao, Daddy. Daddy, nihao. Nihao. Nihao. Mommy, Daddy, nihao. Nihao, Mommy. Nihao, Daddy. Nihao. NIHAO!..." It gets very old, but it is so cute I can't help but laugh!

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Courtney said...

That's pretty cute. So far we've taught Macie to say please in sign language, so whenever we prompt her for please, she signs it instead of saying it. While I'm happy for the sign, I'm getting to the point where I think she should be saying it. So I'm looking forward to hearing 'pes', hopefully soon! Tell Chloe Joe Nihao for me. Ha.