Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bedroom Letter Art

Do you remember this sneaky peaky from several weeks ago? I didn't mean for it to take this long to finish this particular project, but it did after a bit of drama with our local Hobby Lobby.
Russ and I went in about 4 weeks ago. The wall decor was on sale for 50% off. I wanted to get something to go above our bed because the poster that was up there didn't fit once I installed the new headboard. I wanted to change that poster to a more artsy feel anyway. I found these letters and decided to get an R, an L and an ampersand. They had the R and the ampersand, but the L's they had (there were 2) were both broken. Russ went and asked an employee if they had any more and they said no, but they were going to get a truck in and to check back at the end of the week or the next week. We went back the next week and there were still only those two broken L's. I don't understand why they would leave broken products on the shelf after we told them the last week that they were broken. We found a manager and told him about the broken L's and asked if they got any more in. They hadn't. He then told us to ask the cashier to order one for us. So that's what we did and the cashier gave us a rain check. I thought they were going to do a special order, but that's not what happened. The next week we went back again to ask about it again. For three weeks I had been waiting on this L and they have completely ignored the fact that the one's on the shelf were broken. Guess what? Then didn't have it the third week either. I complained to the girl that we had been waiting for 3 weeks and that the one's on the shelf are broken. She said that the lady who orders for home decor probably didn't order one because there were 2 on the shelf and that she didn't notice they were broken. She gave me yet another rain check for the L. At this point I was so annoyed, but there isn't another Hobby Lobby in our area so I wasn't sure what to do. We waited for another week and finally Russ was done dealing with them. They never called with either rain check and they said they would. We had waited over a month for them to get an L in and they never did. Russ called another Hobby Lobby that was a little over an hour from our place and had them hold one. We went last night and picked it up. I would have just scrapped the project if I hadn't already spray painted the R and ampersand. After all that, the project is done and I'm happy with it.

Here are the R and ampersand before I spray painted them. I didn't like the gold color at all.
I spray painted them with Krylon Nickel. It was perfect for what I wanted.
After we get our new dresser in next week, everything will be perfect in our place. Everything is exactly how I want it and I'm happy with our little home.

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