Friday, July 29, 2011

Mish Mash

*I have a few things today so I'm doing a Mish Mash post...I think I usually call it something else, but whatev.

*My blogger has been messed up for the past several days. The upload picture button has not been working. I click it and it does nothing. I use Google Chrome most of the time, but I also have Internet Explorer on my computer. So I opened my blog on IE and the upload picture button works. I would rather use GC than IE. I tried to report the problem, but can't seem to find a place to do that. I see the message boards and the help center, but no where for me to report it. Help?

*I saw the video of how to curl my hair without heat here. It's a pretty long video but I was completely intrigued and she made it look so easy. Unfortunately, the hair band I used must have something in it that I'm allergic to. Do you see the red line across my forhead in this picture? It's still there. I took the headband out on Wednesday morning! It is tender and itches. Ugh! I hope it goes away soon!
*We finally got to see Uncle Chris! He decided to surprise us and come on down Wednesday evening to go eat and to Bible class with us! We were thrilled! We weren't expecting him until Thursday but he wanted to get home so he came early. He brought Chloe Jo a few things from her Granny Tiger and Pappy and her G-Jo and Grampy. Granny Tiger and Pappy sent her a Backpack from Dora the Explorer and a Dora doll that sings and dances. Grampy and G-Jo sent her this tent!
Isn't it super cute and fun! She loves it and it now has a pillow, a couple of blankets and a stack of books inside. I have a cute picture on my cell phone of her praying in her tent castle. Awwww. Her cousin, Brianna, got one too!
*Chloe Jo loves to go check the mail with me. I have to lift her up so she can reach the mailbox, but she will open it and grab whatever is in it and take it into the house. Today, before nap time, she asked to pray for the mailman.

*One last thing. Chloe Jo has started singing some lately. She won't say words, but she will sit in her carseat and babble along with songs. She will sing the long notes when we sing during church services. She loves it when we sing in Bible class especially if we are singing an action song. Here are a couple of action songs that she loves. Roll the Gospel Chariot is her favorite song right now.

*I hope you are all having a great start to the weekend!


Savories of Life said...

Very cute! Come and see my giveaway!

Chelley N said...

B loves Roll the Gospel Chariot, too! It's her favorite.