Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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I'm loving that Chloe Jo is starting to be interested in playing catch with her Daddy. She especially loves this velcro set because she can catch the ball!
I'm also loving that Russ thinks it's the greatest thing ever! He has always wanted a little boy to play sports with and since that might not happen, he is excited that Chloe Jo is starting to be interested in sports!
I'm loving this Life game we played the other night. I got so excited because my little car was full of children!
I'm loving baseball season. We have been going to watch a boy who goes to church services with us play. He plays catcher and is really good!
I'm loving that Chloe Jo loves to watch the game, too! Of course, she also loves playing with her friends at the game.
I'm loving these beautiful flowers Russ brought home for me last night!
I'm loving this Hawaiian Chicken and fruit salad I made for dinner last night. This was a new recipe and we loved it! Recipe to come soon!
I'm loving these outfits I made yesterday! I love craft day!
I'm loving that I bought strawberries to make slurp this week. We have been out of slurp (strawberry jam) for a few months and I am excited that it is strawberry season so I can make some more!

I'm loving Gold Bond lotions. I know that makes me look waaaaaay old, but it is the best stuff!
I'm loving that I am going to be starting this book soon.
I finished up one last night and am excited to start another. I definitely need help in this area! I also am starting The Great Gatsby and am hoping to have it read by the end of the month.

I'm loving that Chloe Jo and I went to a store grand opening here in town this morning and found this gorgeous dress! She loves it and I know she is going to feel beautiful in it come Sunday morning!
I'm loving this sweet girl! She has started talking so much lately that we are actually having little conversations. Plus, she is hilarious! Oh, and cute!
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Chelley N said...

Russ looks like he just rolled out of bed in those pics, haha! That dress is soooo pretty. XOXO

Rachel said...

oh, I love game of life too!

So glad to have found your blog. I have loved reading.

Rebecca said...

I used to have one of those velcro ball sets! Me and my dad used to play all the time! Great things you are loving today :)

Anonymous said...

I have that book! I read it a while back and then took a lot of the lessons and taught them to my teen girls class. It went really well too. Have fun reading it!