Friday, May 27, 2011

Mini Slurp Maker

Chloe Jo and I had a big day on Wednesday. We were busy all day! I sewed quite a bit while she played by herself. Then in the afternoon she helped me make slurp to share with our friends!

First, I cut up the strawberries. After that was finished Chloe Jo helped me mash them up!
Then we had to stir it a little to make sure the strawberries were mashed enough for the jam.
We then added the sugar. I'm not even going to say how much sugar is in this stuff. It really surprised me when I made it the first time.
After we added the sugar and stirred it up, we set the strawberries aside and moved on to the stove. We put the sure-jell in the pan and added water.
And then I let Chloe Jo stir that up before I turned the stove on. She was very upset with me when I wouldn't let her stir it while the stove was on. There was no way that was going to happen, though!
After the sure-jell and water boiled for a minute I dumped it into the strawberries and Chloe Jo helped me stir it all up.
I stirred the hot sure-jell in it first so she didn't burn herself. She thought it was great getting to stir everything!
I poured the slurp into jars and Chloe Jo helped me put the lids on them.
She is so proud of her finished slurp!


Elana said...

You could try using Splenda instead of the sugar for a lower calorie option. Mmmmm!

Lisa said...

With the Sure-Jell you have to use real sugar or it will not set right. Plus, I don't eat splenda or any artificial sugars because of the aspertame.

Rachel said...

So good to see a little one cooking. Looks like so much fun!