Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craft day!

Chloe Jo and I had ourselves a craft day today! Crafting is my favorite thing to do and Chloe Jo is starting to be interested in doing her own crafts, too. Today's project started out small and grew as do most of my projects. I ended up making two full outfits complete with matching hairbows!
Originally I was just going to make the shirts. The one with the B is for my little niece who is also CJ's BFF. I think the outfit turned out adorable. I sent a picture of it to my sister and she loved it!
I also had to make an outfit for Chloe Jo! I wanted to do a giraffe at first, but then went with the elephant because it was easier to outline. I don't have an actual embroidery machine so I do all my outlining with my regular sewing machine. It can be a little difficult if there are lots of turns and corners. I made this to fit CJ in the fall, but I'm not sure it's going to make it. She may outgrow it before she can wear it! In that case, this one will go to Brianna, too!
When Chloe Jo saw the outfit, she wanted to immediately put it on! She thought she was cute stuff! Of course, she was right!
And here is Chloe Jo's project. She made an adorable wreath!

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