Tuesday, May 31, 2011

House Update

There is no longer a tree on my house!!!

The contractor was at our house with a crew today working on the roof. They decided to go ahead and start before moving our stuff out because the ceiling in Chloe Jo's room came down between yesterday afternoon and today. Her stuff was covered with dry wall and insulation. Russ, Chloe Jo and I went over this afternoon and packed up most of the stuff to put in a storage room while everything gets fixed. Our landlord has been really nice about everything. He bought the U-Haul to take our stuff to the storage room and he brought us boxes and blankets to protect our furniture. Russ is going to go back over in the morning and finished getting the stuff to storage. I'm going to stay with Chloe Jo. She didn't do so well with all the activity. She kept saying "they're taking our stuff. They're taking our stuff." She is also upset that it is such a mess. She kept saying "It's a mess. It's a mess." over and over, too. The contractor did say it will take 2 to 3 weeks. I'm hoping for 3, but I know things like this can turn into months very easily. Hopefully, it won't. I'm ready to get new carpet and tile! Plus, our landlord (who is usually horrible!) said that he will have the painters paint Chloe Jo's room pink if we will paint it back to a neutral color when we move out! We briefly looked for a new place to move to, but there just aren't many rentals in our little town. There were 3 that we did find. One was on a busy highway and I refuse to move there with Chloe Jo. The other two were in a rough part of town so they were a no-go for me, also.

As far as our furniture and things being damaged goes, I think most everything is okay. I think we will have to get rid of the toy box my Dad made for me when I was little and maybe the crib. There are a few other pieces that got a little damage, but not much. There were several little things that I just went ahead and threw out like some stuffed animals and art supplies that were in Chloe Jo's closet. I also think my wedding dress is ruined, but it was ruined before. I never bothered to get it cleaned after our wedding and it has a 7 year old while grape juice stain. I'm going to call around to cleaners here and see what they think about water damage and 7 year old stains. I don't think my chances are great! Oh well.

I'm so thankful that we were not home when all this happened. I know that it probably wouldn't have flooded if we had been there to turn off the water, but I think Chloe Jo and I would have freaked completely out! So much so that I wouldn't have been able to think coherently. This was proven when I freaked when I saw how much water was in the house. My Dad can testify to the fact that I was sobbing uncontrollably. It was very ugly. Anyway, this is all the update for now. After Russ gets everything moved to storage, it will truly be a waiting game.


Melissa Jane said...

Yay but ewww. That's a lot of work and waiting time. I'll pray that it goes by as fast as possible! :D

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I'm glad I found your blog!!!

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