Sunday, May 22, 2011

Russ' 7 Day Challenge: Day 1

Last week I read an article on Yahoo about couple who did a 7 day challenge. The man picked out his girlfriend's clothes and accessories for 7 days. While reading this, I thought to myself, "Self, that would be tons of fun!" So I presented it to Russ who promptly said, "I was hoping you wouldn't see that article." But he agreed so today was Day 1. He didn't actually pick out my accessories today because I didn't realize that was part of the challenge until I reread the article, but he did pick out my clothes and shoes. I think he did pretty good today. We'll see how tomorrow goes with the accessories included!
Chloe Jo thought she needed to be in the picture with me. And, um, sorry about the quality. I don't really know what happened there. Russ?


Kimberly said...

The dress and shoes look great! Wow, that makes me rethink floral! I thought I hated it, but you made it look great! Chloe Jo is just darling!

Happy Sunday!

Janet said...

Wow he did a good job! Love your sandals! My husband could never do that! I dress my kids in the morning before I go to work. If for some reason one of the girls needs to be changed, I come home from work and their clothes NEVER match. He has a hard time matching his own socks, let alone picking out my clothes. Good luck! Seeems like he's doing a great job thus far.

Chelley N said...

I think we need a daily update on this.

Rachel said...

Haha..I love the fact that he said I hope you didn't see the article.

It will be so interesting to see what styles he favours!
Good first choice.