Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rainy Day

It has been a rainy, stormy day here. I think we are finally getting some of what the midwest has been getting for the last few days. I was disappointed when I opened our back door to find this:
It is raining in the picture, though you can't see it very well. I was all ready to take Chloe Jo out to play in her pool. We set it up Saturday and she played in it that afternoon and yesterday afternoon. But not today. The rain is ruining a few plans. Russ was going to mow after work. I guess that will have to wait until Thursday. Our yard really needs it!

Since we have been having to stay inside, we've been reading books and we had an easter egg hunt in the living room. Chloe Jo liked finding the eggs, but she didn't like it when I made her stay in her room so I could hide them! I was trying to think of something to do after lunch and realized that we hadn't used the paints CJ got for her birthday, yet. What a great day to finger paint!
And Chloe Jo did great! She loved it!
I showed her how to finger paint, but she wasn't having any of that! Too messy for her. She opted for a brush.
I love my little clean freak! There wasn't a huge mess at the end to clean up.
She insisted for me to paint, too so these pictures are our works of art.
Since she liked this so much, I know we will be doing this again!
My precious girl. She had so much fun!
We hope you are staying dry this week!

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Ashley said...

Katie is the same way - she does NOT like finger painting! Another idea is those paint with water books - I played with those all the time growing up and my mom found one for Katie for Easter. I think Target has some (Hello Kitty). I bought the last 2 there today actually.

Misty Dawn said...

Chloe Jo is so prissy and the cleanest child I've seen. LOL Looks like you had fun! We haven't been getting much of that rain to your south, just humid, cloudy and muggy.

Kirby and Anna said...

cloudy/rainy afternoon here too... hope it gets better for the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

So, for the last week or two, I've been wondering why you're blog posts haven't been showing up in my feed. I was so confused. And then, I realized I wasn't following you. Wow. Lol. I had to catch up on all of your posts so now you have a million emails from me saying that I posted on your blog. Haha!