Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter Eggs!

Since my parents were only here for a week, we had to fit in time to do "holiday things". This included dying Easter eggs! I didn't know how Chloe Jo would do with this, but she surprised me and did great! G-Jo helped her dye the eggs while I got ready for her birthday party later that day.
I was very surprised at how well she did with this project! She was able to balance the eggs on the spoon and take them out of the cups all by herself without making a mess! Woo hoo! G-Jo did put the dinosaurs together for her since they were kind of complicated. I thought the eggs turned out really cute and I will probably get another box of dye to do this again before Easter so I can be in on the fun, too!


Janet said...

Cute pics! CJ looks so proud of herself! Can't wait to see pics of her birthday!

Melissa Jane said...

I think Chris and I should make easter eggs this year. Mhmm!