Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Time!

Caution: this post is picture overload!

We have been going, going, going for a few weeks and I am about ready to crash! I must go to bed after I blog this!

We've had several things going on this weekend. Saturday, Russ and I dropped Chloe Jo off at a friend's and headed to a marriage seminar in Sumter, SC. We had a great time and it was especially nice that we went alone. This was the first time to leave Chloe Jo with a non-family member and even then, it is only the second time we have left her at all. She is always with one of us. Anyway, she did great and the seminar was excellent. I felt like I learned a lot and I have several things to work on as a wife.

Before we left to go to the seminar on Saturday, we received a call from one of our sisters from the church. Her mother passed away early that day so after we got back home, Russ immediately went out to her house to see if he could do anything. This woman was under hospice care for the last several weeks and they were expecting her to pass on, but it is still hard. Her funeral is on Thursday. Russ will be reading a scripture and I am going to be a flower girl. I had never heard of flower girls for a funeral! Apparently, this is an African American tradition (the family is African American). There will be several flower girls and we all have to wear all white. We will walk in with the family and sit with them and then take the flowers out when the ceremony is over. I'm just going to do what Miss Esther (one of our members who is also going to be a flower girl) does!

Then on Sunday, we went to morning church services. We always go out to eat with a group afterwards so it is usually past 2 when we get back home. I made a casserole to send over to the family of the deceased and then had to get things ready for a banana split party after evening worship. Russ and I decided to do this instead of a party at our home so the congregation could help celebrate Chloe Jo's birthday. It was so fun and the banana splits were yummy!
Chloe Jo was so excited about the ice cream!
We had tons of fixins to go on our ice cream.
Chloe Jo didn't really like all the toppings on her ice cream. She decided that she just wanted plain chocolate. I wish Russ would have taught her better than that!She thought the chocolate ice cream was lip-smacking good!
Several of the members brought presents for her to open!
She decided she had to sleep with the ginormous bunny! There is hardly room in her bed for her now!

After our very busy Sunday, we woke up this morning and headed to Columbia to go to the Riverbanks Zoo! I had bought 2 tickets from Groupon for 1/2 price several weeks ago just so we could take Chloe Jo for her birthday! I had taken her to the zoo last summer once, but she wasn't really into it. This time, she LOVED it! I was so glad that she liked the animals so much.
The flamingos were the first animals we saw and Chloe Jo was mesmerized. She would have stayed there for hours if we had let her.
They are gorgeous!
When she realized there was more, she was all about walking by herself. She wanted to do and see everything.
These monkeys were so active. They were so fun to watch. They are so noisy, though. Russ asked me if I would like to work at a zoo and I said "NO!" The monkeys would drive me bananas! Then there is the smell and all the poo. Way too much like working in a daycare!
This cow was in the farm section of the zoo. Chloe Jo would not try to milk it for anything. She was not going to touch the udders!
This picture cracks me up. Chloe Jo was so excited that this ostrich was that close to the fence and on her level.
And she was excited about the giraffes. I think the giraffes were probably her favorite animal (though we all loved the penguins). She kept saying giraffe over and over after we walked away.
I tried to put Chloe Jo on this elephant, but she was scared and wouldn't let me so I had to pose with her to get her to take a picture with it.
The elephants are always the most stinky animal in the zoo! Blech!
These kangaroos were also favorites. I don't remember what kind of kangaroo they are, but they look like little teddy bears. So cute!
I also enjoyed the meerkats. Isn't it cute!?!
We were worn out by this time. After the meerkat exhibit, we decided to go by the gift store and then head home. Poor Chloe Jo konked out seconds after we started back to our town.
We thought a giraffe was a fitting souvenir since she liked them so much!

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