Saturday, April 23, 2011

City Easter Egg Hunt

Today was the city easter egg hunt. I told Chloe Jo that we were going to go find easter eggs and she was so excited! She ran right out to the car and tried to get side.
We have never let her ride in the front seat except for when we are moving the car and we stay in our yard so I'm not sure what that is about! Silly girl!

When we drove into the parking lot and opened the car door, the first thing we heard was loud music. They had rap littered with curse words playing on the loud speaker! It was completely inappropriate! We should have turned around and went home right then. We had to wait 45 minutes to get in to the area where everything was happening (the city soccer field). They were not set up by the time it was supposed to start so everything was running behind. Once we did get in all the activities were for older children. It really annoys me when flyers say "for children 0-13" and the activities are not for younger children! We ended up going over to a set of bleachers and waiting for the easter egg hunt.
Which started late of course.
Once they were finally ready for the hunt, they roped off a very small part of the soccer field and had all the children ages 0-5 line up at the edge of the field. The eggs were scattered across the entire field and we were only able to hunt on a tiny section. Since we didn't push and shove to get to the front we were in the back. Chloe Jo didn't get a single easter egg. I was so MAD! We had to wait over an hour to do the hunt while listening to horrible rap music that children were booty dancing to and she didn't even get a single egg. She was so upset when we had to get off the field empty handed so we decided to stop by the store to pick up some eggs and have our own hunt at home.

When we got home, I stuffed the eggs and took them out into the back yard to "hide". She was so excited when we opened up the door and she saw the eggs!
This was much more like it anyway. At first she was so happy that she just ran right by the first egg! She had to calm down a little in order to pick them up to put in her basket.
I'm so glad she got to hunt eggs today even though it wasn't at the city hunt.
We are still planning on having a hunt with our friends tomorrow. I know she will love that because her friends are going to be there, too.
We definitely won't be going back to the city easter egg hunt next year. I find this really frustrating because I am trying to get our family involved in these fun community things and it is just not working out for us. CJ is either too young for the activities or the activity isn't "family" oriented like they claim. At least we know now.

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Janet said...

So sad! Cute pictures though!