Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Party Fun!

We celebrated Chloe Jo's 2nd birthday on Friday! It was 9 days early, but we wanted to have a small party while Grampy and G-Jo were in town to help celebrate!

This is her stack of presents. She is not spoiled. She is loved. There is a difference!
We decorated our kitchen with streamers and balloons while CJ was taking a nap. It took her a while to wake up from her nap, but once she was in a better mood, she loved it!
This is the frosted cake that I made for her. I always make our own birthday cakes and I love the way this one turned out. I decided not to do fondant this year because the real surprise is on the inside of this cake.
I love this adorable, sparkly 2 I found!
Chloe Jo liked the candle until I told her to blow it out. Then she got scared. I guess I've taught her well. HA!
I love the look on her face when I served her up a piece of cake! She loved it!
Yummy rainbow cake!
The rest of the family also thought it was great! I have to say, was a little icing overload. It was worth it for the rainbow!
After indulging in yummy cake, Chloe Jo was ready to open her presents!
She cracked us all up when she opened her cards. She actually looked that them for a second before setting them down.
"Hmm...what's in here?"
She loved this little kitty cat! She immediately loved on it when she pulled it out of the bag.
Grampy named it Kooshka (Russian for "cat"). She has loved this kitty and slept with it since she got it.
This is the first time she hasn't gotten tired of opening presents. At Christmas she fizzled out when she was only halfway through her pile.
Sidewalk chalk! I forsee many happy hours of drawing on our sidewalk in our future.
She had to get help with opening her presents from Grampy...
And from G-Jo!
This was her big present from us. A Little People dollhouse. She loves it!
The aftermath. Reading her new books with G-Jo and Mommy.
We had such a great time celebrating and I'm so glad we had the party early so Grampy and G-Jo could be there!


Janet said...

Love the cake! I've been wondering ever since you posted the sneak peek picture how you made such bright colors? Is it just food coloring in a white cake mix? The colors are so awesome.

elephantscanremember said...

I am glad they were there to celebrate too. It looks like you all had a great time!

The cake looked wonderful! Great job!

Angie said...

I love the cake!!!!

Lisa said...

Janet, it is Wilton food coloring. I'm going to do a tutorial on how I made it later in the week!

Chelley N said...

The cake came out so great! I love that CJ got a LP House... next time she and B are together, they can be neighbors :)