Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whatever keeps us young at heart

My mother and I went to see a dear woman who is confined to a nursing home on Sunday. When I didn't have a job (and trying to concieve full time) I used to go to a pillow making group at the church I am a member of. We made pillows for the pediatric wards of the hospitals here in town. Some of the ladies would sew up the edges, some would stuff them, some (me included in this one) would sew the open edge, and then some would tie bows on them. We made puppies, bears, and rectangular pillows. So I would see Miss Jenny every Tuesday for about a year. We would sit and sew pillows and chat about everything. Mom and I hadn't seen Miss Jenny for a while so we decided we needed to go see her. We walk in her room and she's sitting in a recliner. Her roommate is taking a nap. And what do you supose is on TV??? Hmmm??? I Want to be Made! MTV! Miss Jenny, who turned 80 on Monday, was watching MTV. I laughed and laughed about that!!! Whatever keeps her young, right?

Stay young Blogger Buddies!

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Miss Tori said...

Hi Lisa,

Do you still live in Kansas? I was born and raised there. Satanta to be exact!