Friday, June 27, 2008

Fierce Loyalty

I have been told on more than one occasion lately that my doctor is not aggressive enough and that I need to move on to another doctor. I was really confused earlier today because I had just had a really good, informative appointment. I proceeded to post about it on the message boards on WebMD and got this negative feedback. So I called Russ and asked him what he thought. He agreed with the girls on WebMD. I was really upset about that for a while. Then I got to thinking. I am the one seeing my doctor. I am the one getting treatment. This is my decision. I like the way he is treating me. I like the fact that our personalities coincide so that I can actually enjoy our office visits during a time that is horribly emotional. I like the fact that he encourages me to research my options and to question him and the protocol. I believe he is aggressive. He started me right off on clomid after a bunch of questions and an ultrasound. He ordered an HSG after the first round of clomid didn't work. He has me do trigger shots to take all the guesswork out of the cycle. So, he wanted to do one more clomid/natural cycle. So what? I didn't mind. I'm glad he's thinking about me and what my body can do instead of his pocketbook. What is more aggressive? Ordering a laparoscopy before ever giving me the chance at clomid? Recommending IVF before trying anything else? I've been seeing him for four months. That's it. And I am happy.


Robby said...

I feel the same way about my RE. I think that the most important thing is this journey is learning to trust our own feeling and gut decisions. My RE recommended that we try 4 oral medication cycles before moving forward. I am not sure what the final journey will look like, but I know that I have been a decision maker in each step. Trust yourself!!

Earl Gearl said...

Thanks Robby! I'd love to comment on your blog if you'll invite me!

I Believe in Miracles said...

I totally think you need to trust your RE. It doesn't really matter what other people think or do. I found by blogging I'm a lot more informed - people have asked why doing this or that, but that has made me more informed and have questions for my doctor. But I do trust my doctor (I know 2 other IF friends who've gone to her and had positive results). It's really a matter of personal opinion.