Monday, June 30, 2008

Do You Ever Feel Like

You have put your life on hold for one moment? This is how I've been feeling lately. I'm waiting for that one moment where I look at the little pee stick and there are two lines, not just one. I'm waiting for that moment that is going to change our lives forever. And then I think to myself, why? Why am I not doing the things I want to do while waiting for that moment? After searching for the answer to this, it all comes down to money. I want to go to nursing school, but I would either have to quit my job or quit my infertility treatment. I want to buy a house, but I would have to make the choice between infertility treatments and buying that house. Russ and I were going to move, but we would have had to quit infertility treatments to do that. Plus, I would have had to get another job and there is usually a one year wait for "pre-existing conditions." So, I have found myself at the crossroads of a very important decision, one that can change my life. Do I continue with infertility treatments and put a hold on all of my other life goals or do I start living my life without the possibility of children? Obviously the latter isn't the way I'm going to go so I guess I just changed my life plans. Oh well, they probably wouldn't have worked out like I want anyway!

Make good decisions Blogger Buddies!


I Believe in Miracles said...

I totally feel like this!!

Especially with vacations. We're going on a short mission trip and I was trying to calculate when I would ovulate, and if we could try while on the mission trip or if it'd mess up the possible IUI dates.

If you have a choice about where you might move next, MA is a great place to be for infertility treatment. Insurance covers a lot of treatment... but the housing costs are more. Maybe it balances out in the end?

Miss Tori said...


As long as you don't go longer than 60 days without insurance coverage, you shouldn't have to worry about pre-exisiting conditions. That is the nice thing about HIPAA. They allow you to provide proof of credible coverage to your new employer that shows how long you had coverage before, and as long as you haven't been without coverage for 60 days (sometimes 63 or 90 depending on state laws - and waiting periods do not count towards the 60 days), you won't have a pre-ex it fulfill.