Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun Times at the PAR-TAY!

Here are a few snapshots from the party that I didn't get into that post. Enjoy blogger buddies!

Russy and Lili

Chris and Chelle

Jeremy and Bailey


Tony and Debbie

Brent, Dedra, and Cayden

Grandpa and Uncle Jim

Dad and Mar
Uncle Justin and Aunt Cindy

Jordan, Jeremy, Kaylee, and Shawna (My brother and his family)

Brennan, Twyla, Taylor, Bode, and Blair (My cousin and his family)

Uncle Rob and Aunt Diana

Jordan and Chelle

Kaylee and Alli


Alli and Lili

Chelle and Kaylee

Jordan, Grandpa, and KayleeDad, Jordan, Jeremy, and Grandpa

Debbie, Alli, Tony, Lili, Russy, Bailey, and Jeremy

Blair. He's three weeks old!

Alli and Kaylee playing Wii

Kaylee, Blair, and Taylor

Dad in his Russian hat and Taylor

Fun times! Until next time, Blogger Buddies!


Holley said...

You are looking SO good! Congrats on the weight loss....and that PHT degree:)

Chelley N said...

You took A LOT of pictures! I'll have to get them from you sometime...